Go for Your Goal at the Speed of Light

Ilchi-Lee_speed-of-light_20140401_newsletterWhen you work toward a goal, you’re bound to encounter countless limits. Faced with them, throw your shoulders back and open your chest even more confidently and move. Take action before you get caught up in your thoughts and worries. Tell yourself, “I’m going to get better through this opportunity. I am no longer who I was in the past!”

Move so fast without hesitation that you break the sound barrier. Without this speed, you cannot sustain your growth and accomplishment. Instead, you may avoid your goal or give up when things get difficult. You’ll slip into the habits of your past self.

However, if you break through the sound barrier, you’ll go toward your goal at the speed of light and meet your dazzling future self.

Although you have a human body, you can work “at the speed of light” because there is divinity inside your brain. When you act without over-thinking something or getting stuck in negative emotions, you tap into the creation energy of the universe in your brain stem—the LifeParticles that are not bound by time or space—which lies beyond your conscious thought. With your action and that divine power, energy flows at the speed of light toward the completion of your goal.

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