Recharge Yourself with Energy Meditation

energy center illustration

Our complete selves are not small, limited beings huddling alone in the dark. I’m sure you have felt that. Just as the moon does not always show its full self, we cannot always see all that we are. To shine a light on that self, our consciousness needs to brighten.

Energy meditation can reveal the great brightness of our true selves to our own eyes and those of the world. Energy is the medium that interconnects every part of ourselves and is, at the same time, a wonderful tool for developing them. We can feel and know through energy the subtle textures of life that we have failed to detect through words and intellectual knowledge. Energy is the seen and unseen world, matter and spirit, and the bridge that allows communication between them and connects them with each other.

Try this energy meditation to grow your brightness and expand your awareness of your complete self. You can do this meditation standing, sitting, or lying down. In any posture, do your best to keep your back straight.

  1. First, smile. This is very important. Moving your facial muscles into a smile stimulates your brain and starts to make you feel more positive.
  2. Next, use your imagination to visualize bright heavenly energy coming down through the top of your head.
  3. See it come down the front and back of your body, pushing dark energy out of the ends of your hands and feet.
  4. Encourage the energy to flow more freely and strongly by shaking your body. Move every part as if you were trying to shake something off you. At first, you need to move deliberately. After a few minutes, however, your body and mind will relax more, and you may find yourself moving automatically. Your innate rhythm will take over as your preconceptions fall away.
  5. After a few minutes, you may feel yourself becoming calmer and more positive, and your awareness may be deeper inside you. At this time, stop moving and breathe quietly. Feel the sensations in your body, the vibrations that are still occurring.
  6. Then bring your focus to your breath. Close your mouth and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth.
  7. Inhale slowly, letting your belly rise and imagining energy coming in through your nose and gathering in your lower abdomen. Exhale slowly, pulling your belly toward your back. With every breath, accumulate bright energy in your lower abdomen, where there is an important energy center. Do this for a few minutes.
  8. Now that you’ve recharged yourself with energy, picture the same bright, heavenly energy going to your loved ones or to a dream that you wish to create.

When you are full of energy, you can develop your immunity, self-esteem, and creativity. You can also personally experience that we are all One Body in One Society as part of One Nature on One Earth. We are One Heaven. Your bright awareness and bright energy will shine radiantly from your face.

The more often you recharge yourself with energy this way, the fuller and brighter you will feel, and the more you will come to realize the infinitely creative self you really are.

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