Turn Conflict into Fuel

Ilchi-Lee_fuel_300w_20131015_newsletterIf you have a beautiful idea of yourself and the world that you passionately wish were entirely true, it’s natural to doubt whether your idea can become a reality when you try to achieve it, but it doesn’t happen so easily.

I feel conflicted about what I should do and how I should do it every day, because I want to create a new world in which every soul is free to express itself and fly high to reach and connect with the source of life itself.

While I am always checking and agonizing about my goal, I turn my conflict into the fire that keeps me going. It’s not a fire that burns with aggressiveness, impatience, or rage, but a steady flame in my heart and my center. I use the roadblocks I face as fuel to make improvements. And I use them as a chance to choose positivity.

That’s the fun of life.

What would we do without obstacles or conflicts?

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