Healing Chakras for Change

Ilchi Lee book - Healing ChakrasYou probably have something you’d like to change about yourself. Maybe it’s something on the surface such as your haircut, or maybe it’s something deeply rooted, such as how you respond when someone offends you. Or maybe you just have a vague feeling that something needs to be different, but are not sure where to start.

Change is always occurring, whether we are active agents for it or not, and whether we welcome it or not. Clearly knowing what you want, setting a vision and intention, takes advantage of the ever-present nature of change. It starts you down a particular road in a particular direction and sends energy to your destination, which makes that road wider, clearer, and smoother.

Once you know where you want to go, the next step is evaluating where you are. Are your thoughts and emotions in alignment with what you want? What is the state of your internal energy system? Are all of your seven chakras full and balanced? If they are not what you want them to be, if you are uncomfortable with how they are, then these are the first conditions you need to change to achieve your goal(s).

Your mind has the power to change the state of your chakras. With a simple chakra visualization, you can make your chakras bright and clear. By balancing your chakras and making them full enough with bright, clean energy, you change your thoughts, emotions, and even physical health.

When you first give energy to your chakras with your mind, you may feel the side effects of unhealthy energy releasing from your energy system—negative emotions such as anger, physical symptoms such as headaches or nausea, or mental anguish such as doubt or confusion. However, if you persist and keep clearing and balancing your chakras every day, you will eventually awaken a fervent passion for life and your purpose. You will discover a new you—a person of clarity, connection, and compassion.

After you’ve made your goal and worked on your chakras, the steps and plan you need to reach your destination will be easier to see. Consistent energy practice is also key. Chakra maintenance allows you to access infinite wisdom for making your plans and taking advantage of opportunities (sixth chakra). At the same time, it gives you the motivation and power to carry out your plans and overcome any obstacles (first, second, and third chakras), as well as the courage to break through the fear that traps you from moving forward (fourth chakra). Furthermore, creative ideas flow through you more easily, allowing you to improvise and open up new pathways to your vision (third and sixth chakras).

By taking care of your chakras, you become the change you envision, because everything is connected to your chakras.

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