Activate Your Chakras to Stimulate Your Creative Power

Everything is made of energy, or what I like to call LifeParticles. Even human beings are made of energy, and we have an energy system inside us. In a way, we are like LifeParticle transporters. We can receive energy to us and circulate it in our bodies. We can even produce energy and send energy to people, objects, and situations to make them healthier or physically manifest. This is our creative power.

Ilchi-Lee_seven-chakras-location_20130911Our seven chakras are part of our LifeParticle transporter energy system. Found along the spine and at the top of the head, our chakras act as energy tanks that save all the energy in our body—like a battery. Stress and hardship drain our chakra batteries, especially the fourth chakra, which becomes weak and dim. Because our chakras are linked to our body, mind, emotions, and character, when our chakras become weak and dark, our attitudes also become dark, and we lack the power for action. Our chakras need to be activated and full of energy in order for our body’s natural healing ability to be at its peak and for our character to be fully developed. It’s once that occurs that we can act as LifeParticle transporters who can gather and send energy to whatever we want, whenever we want.

There is a code for unlocking our LifeParticle transporter energy system. That code is in the form of colored light. Through visualization, we can use light to activate our chakras and fill them with energy to improve the energy of our bodies.

Try this chakra visualization to activate your LifeParticle transporter energy system. You can do it sitting, standing, or lying down, but whatever posture you take, try to keep your back straight.

Start by feeling the earth’s energy, and its magnetic field, through your feet. Imagine that this earth magnetic energy is holding up your body strongly. It comes into your legs and goes up your spine, making your spine straighter. In this way, it travels from your first chakra in your tailbone to your seventh chakra at the top of your head.

Now imagine energy going in reverse at the same time. Heavenly light energy comes down into your seventh chakra and then down the front of your body to your first chakra, while earth energy is coming up the back of your body, fully charging your energy system.

Next, focus on your fingertips and imagine one of the colored chakra images like the ones below on each fingertip. These images are like buttons that activate each chakra. The energy of each button will attract the LifeParticles in your environment and help circulate them in your body. Each chakra button is a different color, which will attract a different energy. The seven different energies are the basic elements that compose our whole body.

Chakra Buttons
Imagine light the color of each chakra entering through your fingers and moving at the speed of light to each chakra, starting with the first one:

chakra torus1. Right pinky – deep red – first chakra
2. Right ring ringer – bright red – second chakra
3. Right middle finger – orange – third chakra
4. Right index finger – golden yellow – fourth chakra
5. Right thumb – green-blue – fifth chakra
6. Left index finger – indigo – sixth chakra
7. Left thumb – violet – seventh chakra

As it fills with energy, each chakra feels hot. Once all seven are filled, the LifeParticle transporter in your body is activated and you can communicate energy freely by sending, receiving, and circulating energy.

When our energy system is fully activated like this, the electromagnetic field our body generates is perfect and healthy. This field, which has a toroidal shape, acts like a protective shield of positivity and clarity, happiness and joy, which keeps our outlook strong and prevents negative information from bringing us down. If we fight with, have hatred for, or become jealous of others, however, we can break this torus and distort our electromagnetic field. The torus is full and perfect when people love each other. Love is an essential ingredient for healthy chakras, a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy life, and a healthy world.

To make your chakras brighter and stronger, share this information with many people.

Note: To learn more about your chakras and find more mind-body exercises for each chakra, discover Healing Chakras: Awaken Your Body’s Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace.

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