Smile Out Your Wisdom

Ilchi Lee - SmileYou have your own wisdom, don’t you? How, then, will you access it? How will you act on it, or share it with others?

Begin with hwan.

Hwan means happiness—a state in which bright LifeParticles, the purest energy of life and creation, are able to operate at full speed. The word hwan is also a button you can press to get LifeParticles operating—to get your brain ready to be healthy, happy, and peaceful. With this one word, by using hwan, you can change your brain waves.

How can one word do this?

Try saying, “hwan.”

When you say it, your mouth extends into a smile. The Korean word for happiness automatically makes you feel happier.

When you are happier, your brain works better, and your inner wisdom, which comes from the purest, never-ending happiness, is able to shine through.

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