Train Your Body When Your Heart Struggles

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Is your heart hurting right now? Many of us are going through an emotional time. The news cycle keeps delivering not only its usual bad news, but shocking news as tragedy after tragedy erupts. You may also be struggling in your personal life, feeling frustration as your goals and dreams no longer seem relevant or you can’t see a path forward through an ever-changing landscape.

I often say to hold onto your ultimate dreams and value regardless of your circumstances. In order to be able to do that though, our hearts, physically and figuratively, need to be strong. We can train our hearts by training our bodies. And we can strengthen our bodies by training our minds. By doing this, we relieve some of the heaviness and sadness around our hearts and empower ourselves to move toward the brighter future of our choice.

Hold onto your dreams and value regardless of the circumstances. To do that, your heart needs to be strong. You can train your heart by training your body. It will relieve your heart's heaviness and empower you for a brighter future. Share on X

Our thoughts by themselves aren’t strong enough to lighten our hearts or change our thoughts and habits, however. Our thoughts can be unruly and overly affected by our physical and emotional condition. That’s why we need to change ourselves through physical training.

As you may have felt after a good run or dancing a lot or doing a bunch of push-ups, our hearts feel more open and our minds feel more positive the more we move our bodies. We’re more likely to get good ideas that solve our problems when we move than when we simply sit and think.

Even worse is sitting and worrying. Worrying doesn’t do any good; it usually ends in nothing but anxiety without producing any ideas for solving problems. Worrying will leave us worse off, robbing us of energy. Keep it up, and we’ll despair, becoming lethargic.

Worrying is different from planning. If we train our bodies with the mindset of finding solutions and achieving our dreams, our brains will produce the wisdom and information we need to make a plan. The more we act on our plan, making our ideas concrete, the more feedback we’ll receive and the more ideas we’ll get for going toward our goals. Moving and acting is the optimal way to use our brain, while at the same time clearing our emotions.

So no matter what is happening, don’t worry or focus on your heartache. Acknowledge it and then move and train your body. Burn off your stress, frustration, anger, and sadness, and create forward momentum for change. Then your mind will develop strength, allowing you to have new ideas and hope for the future.


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