Prescription for Achieving Your Dreams

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A lot has changed since I attained enlightenment on Moak Mountain. My body, which used to be young, is aging, and my hair has turned white. There is something, however, that hasn’t changed even once in the past 35 years. That’s my dream to awaken 100 million Earth Citizens. This is the dream that I’ve lived for every day.

Along the way, I’ve achieved many things and learned a lot about making your dreams come true. I’d like to share some of those insights with you. For this brand new year, here is my prescription for achieving your dreams.

First, you need a dream that you feel is your destiny. Your dream doesn’t need to be something you’ve done before, or that you have any knowledge or experience about. It only needs to be something you feel has to come true no matter what, and that you are willing to take responsibility for making happen.

Then, once you discover that dream, the first thing you need to do is pray for it. Put your mind and intention there. Then go one step further to make it more concrete. Imagine that the dream has come true and visualize how it could happen and make plans for it.

Once you have a plan, put it into action. But don’t think too much before you take action. Don’t worry about every small detail or about all the things that could go wrong or whether you’re ready or not. You don’t really know any of that before you try. Instead, think while you’re acting. There’s a big difference between the thoughts you have before you start something and the ones you have while you’re doing it. When you think as you act, your thoughts become sincere, positive, and productive. Thoughts entertained without any action are delusion. They’re thoughts that have no value.  You need to have thoughts that have direction and goals. In order to do that, you have to act.

While you’re working hard on your dream, however, it’s easy to lose your original pure intention and passion. You can become stuck in everyday habits, maintenance, and formalities. If your pure intent disappears, your creativity disappears as well as your will to solve the problems that will inevitably arise. If you feel your work has become drudgery, go back to your original intention and reason for doing it. Make yourself clear about what you’re doing and why. Regain your conviction in your dream and your responsibility for it. When you’re really serious about it, that’s when you can take risks and be creative. Energy will start to move in the direction of your dream, and good things will start to happen.

Even though you work diligently, however, sometimes that’s not enough to achieve a big dream. Although it seems like you’re working as hard as you can, if you expand your consciousness, you can do even twice as much as before. In the empty space you create in your consciousness, you can make new plans and do new work. You are more than capable of accomplishing anything as long as you think positively.

When you expand your consciousness, you’ll realize that dreams are rarely accomplished alone. You need to find companions who share your dream and will work to achieve it together. When you have a dream, the like-minded people around you who plan and work for your dream together are immensely precious. And the feeling is indescribable when you meet someone who didn’t have a dream, and you are able to give them one that gives them hope, passion, and joy.

Ultimately, however, if you encounter a problem, you need to be able to find the cause and solution without passing the blame onto anyone else. If you change first, then everything around you will change. It doesn’t work the other way around. You can’t wait for other people to change first before you do what you need to do to overcome your obstacles.

While you have ultimate responsibility, you also need to know how to say, “Help me,” when you need it, not only from your vision partners, but from mentors who can give you advice and encouragement. Instead of only thinking and agonizing about your dream by yourself, keep looking for and talking to people. Then you can find help. Always be open to learning whatever you can.

Spiritual help is also important. With your pure intent and action, the energy of the universe will move to help you. When you connect your true nature with its source, the universal consciousness, it’s like you’ve created a lifeline to your dream’s fulfillment. Strengthening that connection is like putting on a life jacket that will keep you afloat no matter what challenges you may face.

If you hold onto that lifeline and take action every day, you can’t help but change. Your thoughts and actions will align to what they need to be to accomplish your dream. Rather than only doing things according to your own preconceptions or thoughts, keep yourself open to guidance that comes your way, and be willing to take risks and do what really needs to get done. Keep going and your dream will become a reality.

To Sum It All Up:

  1. Have a dream that feels like your destiny.
  2. Pray for your dream.
  3. Imagine and plan how you will create it.
  4. Act and think deeply as you act.
  5. Inspire others and find companions who share your dream.
  6. Find mentors to help you.
  7. Maintain a strong spiritual connection to the guidance and help of universal consciousness.
  8. Don’t give up until you achieve your dream.
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