Discover the Spirit of the Earth in Sedona

Ilchi Lee meditating in Sedona

Sedona’s strong earth energy helps you discover who you really are.

Every land has a sacred mountain or a place of wonder where people gather, drawn by the extraordinary energy there. I’ve traveled to many of these places around the world, but Sedona is the sacred place that draws my heart the most.

A small city in the center of Arizona, Sedona is known for its striking red rock formations. Its “high desert” environment and creek running through it support evergreen and deciduous trees, many kinds of cacti, tall grass, short bushes, and a rainbow of wildflowers. As it’s surrounded by state and national parks, it’s easy for people to enjoy this unique natural area through many hiking trails, swimming holes, and picnic areas.

Native Americans have called Sedona “the land where Mother Earth’s energy, which gives eternal life, comes out.” Share on X

But that is only the beauty you can see with your eyes. Sedona is known for the powerful vortexes of energy that cannot be seen. Native Americans have called Sedona “the land where Mother Earth’s energy, which gives eternal life, comes out.” Power spots are scattered throughout the area that help you get in tune with yourself and with nature. They help you realize more quickly and easily that your true nature is that of Mother Nature, that your spirit resonates with the spirit of the earth.

The vortexes of Sedona also have the power to correct imbalances in the vortexes of our bodies—our chakras. The instant our chakras meet Sedona’s energy vortexes, damaged systems can revert to their original balanced state.

Connecting to the Sacredness of Sedona

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona
Cathedral Rock by Oak Creek

Some of the three million tourists that visit Sedona each year are so struck by it that they feel called to make it their home. Even the Native American tribes who’ve lived in northern Arizona for thousands of years have long-regarded Sedona and the surrounding Oak Creek Canyon as an especially sacred place. Then and now, they too are called to Sedona to conduct traditional ceremonies and blessings.

But not everyone who comes to Sedona can feel Sedona’s spirit—the spirit of the earth. In order to experience the sacredness of Sedona fully, we need to:

  1. Empty ourselves by clearing our mind and body of old thoughts and emotions so that we are open to receiving what Sedona has to show us.
  2. Be silent and open our inner ears and eyes to the truth that exists in the present moment.
  3. Feel the energy of the land and how it affects our bodies and minds.

Those who are able to do these can realize for themselves what I’ve often said: “Sedona is beautiful. But your soul is far more beautiful. Please don’t just become drunk on Sedona’s beauty, but open your ears to your inner self. Then you will hear a voice from within. That’s the message that Sedona is giving you.”

Sedona is beautiful, but your soul is far more beautiful. Let Sedona help you open your ears to your inner self and listen to the voice within. Share on X

Sedona Takes Away Your Defensive Shield

Courthouse Butte in Sedona, Arizona
Courthouse Butte at sunrise

Sedona is a place where it’s easy to take down any defensive walls that surround our heart. These walls not only become an obstacle to interacting with other people, but they also block the energy of Mother Nature from coming into us. Inside such a defensive shield, we cannot look deeply into ourselves and experience the wonder of who we are. The beautiful and magnificent landscape of Sedona and its wide-open, unrestrained energy clears away that shield very naturally.

This is the spirit of Sedona—the strong energy of the earth interacting with our energy so we can recover our true spirit. The sky that opens so wide and deep above the red rocks, the juniper trees and cacti that emanate vital power, the golden full moon that cuts through the desert night . . . all these environments help us to feel the earth and allow energetic and spiritual interactions with the earth.

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The experience of interacting with the earth connects us with a greater and more permanent power beyond the limited and finite self to bring us spiritual fulfillment and a sense of unity. It leads us naturally as inhabitants of planet Earth to earth-centered living in which we coexist with all life.

More than anything else, though, the Sedona spirit is the spirit of creation. The primordial beauty of nature in Sedona awakens a great creativity within us. With this innate creativity, we are able to change any difficult situation and create it anew. We can choose hope, no matter what the circumstance. In this way, we can design our lives and become the drivers of our destiny.

Healing Garden at Sedona Mago Retreat
The Healing Garden at Sedona Mago Center

Because of Sedona’s powerful spirit, I established the Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat, where people can stay and open themselves to the restorative energy of the earth. Learn more through my New York Times bestselling book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

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