An Invitation to Sedona

I rarely stay in one place for more than a few months, if that, because I am always traveling around the world. But every time I come back to Sedona, I am newly amazed by the great power and purity of the energy here, and I feel compelled to share it with every person I could possibly reach.

People often hear me say that when I first visited Sedona, I was simply one tourist among many. But amidst the exquisite beauty of the red rocks nestled snugly in green junipers against a blue crystal sky, the messages and energy I received here have enabled me to make my dreams come true, one by one.

I love Sedona. I feel indebted to this special place, and I want to find some way to repay Sedona for all that I have received here. I hope I can inspire people to visit Sedona and find their own deep connection to the earth; to experience their infinite, eternal energy; and to receive the messages that Mother Earth is waiting to give them.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I would like to share my Sedona story with you. I hope these upcoming posts make you want to come and experience Sedona for yourself. And for those people who want to come but can’t make it right away, I will look for a way to share this energy with you wherever you may be.

Using my MindScreen and LifeParticles made it possible for me to make my dreams come true in Sedona. I would like to share with you how it happened, in hopes that you may also experience this profound joy.

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  • Thank you Ilchi Lee. I am not always aware of every step I used to take, but I am willing to take the steps necessary to complete my soul. To search out those areas of myself that are not awakened has become the passion of my life. My living has become brightened because I am your student. I have choices I have made and have to make and create and have infinite possibility. You taught me this through sending me Chun Ji Ki Un.
    (If I may share more)
    I could not stand with my own without you shining softly a direction for me to follow. This is a wonderful path to be on giving us the ability for creating and living in harmony together. Together.
    For one knows they are alone and yet it is so necessary to be able to have a teacher showing, “The Way to Oneness”! Together we feel your mind and energy of Oneness.
    My life goal: Hong Ik Human. (A person who continues on the path, a human who is for the greater good of humanity, a somebody who becomes part of the One for their life goal that naturally is supportive for the earth).
    I thank you Ilchi Seuseung nim your style is like that of which I follow humbly and yet I get so much courage from. Thank you to be my Teacher and Guide.
    And thank you to all of the people on this path. I love you.

  • It has been awhile since I have been in Sedona Mago Garden,
    I have a yearning to go back and visit. I hope to be back soon
    and feel the energy and become closer to my true self.
    Thank you Seuseungnim for the beautiful invitation.

  • Thank You!

  • I am very grateful that I have had the chance to experience Sedona, since I learned about it from you, Ilchi Lee! This has completely change my life for the good.

  • When I was reading the Chun Bu Kyung I just felt so relaxed and it was a very beautiful feeling. Thanks you so much, Ilchi.

  • I just found out I won a beautifull picture of Bell Rock in Sedona.
    Sedona called me two years ago, my sister lives in Houston and me and my daughter and friend rented a car and drove all the way to Sedona. I don’t know why, but I had to go to Sedona.
    Someone just mentioned Sedona a few months before and something moved in my heart… I had to go there… if I could fly, I would go there straight away… And we visited Bell Rock and other places. Without a plan, we just waundered around…
    The funny thing is… I didn’t know off Ilchi Lee before that moment… and when I went back to my sissy, she gave me the book Brain Wave. And now this gift… It is like signs given to my, but I don’t know exactly what the signs are telling me… maybe that I am still on the right track (-; Or back on the right track… Or it is showing me the right track. In not knowing right now, I will encounter the answers when the time is right…
    Thank you all for being on this planet at this moment… All together!

  • Thank you for remindeing me of how much I love Sedona also. Especially Mago Garden. I now long to return there. Hopefully I will visit again in June with other members from Boston. My life dreams were first formed at Mago Garden and I too see them coming true.

  • I will be participating in the Mago Garden Meditation tour next month led by Dami Kim who is the manager at the Burke, Virginia center and the regional manager of the surrounding area. Although you probably will not be in Sedona at that time, I am sure that we will all sense your presence and be uplifted by your visions and your dreams. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • I, too, have always felt the energy and peace in Sedona. This was even before I found Dahn Yoga. It now has an even greater meaning to me. I feel like I’ve come home when I am there.

  • I am in S.California but I feel like I am in sedona all the time in my spirit. Specially Sedona Mago garden is my home town of my soul. Seuseungnim and HongIk family is making Sedona even more special and spiritual.

  • I love Sedona. Especially Mago Garden. I first read ‘Mago’s Dream’ when I was there in 2007. It touched me very deeply. I am so happy to visit again this June. Thank you so much!

  • Sedona, Mago Garden ~ for me, a garden where I can lay bare and connect deeply with my being and oneness with humanity and feel the force and power of the earth’s life. Thank you Seuseungnim for showing us the way here.


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