Poem: Love for All Humanity

On Christmas Eve, I wrote a poem in the early morning as these thoughts for the new year came to me. I would like to share its message with you.

A Love for All Humanity

I like love.
I don’t like love that brings hate to each other, becomes the seed of tears, and curses one another.

The love I want is love that never changes.
Love that can be happy together and love that can be shared—I want such love.

Love that hates and fights is a sick love.
I want a healthy love, peaceful love, and creative love.
I want to let people in the world know such love,
With a healthy mind, healthy brain, healthy body.
A happy family, happy society, and happy world,
I want to make it together with everyone.
I want to sing such a song of love.
I want to dance such a dance of love.
I would like to make a peaceful world
where we can experience such love all together.
For this purpose, I have to live 120 years.

Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.

I love myself and I love everyone.
I want to let everyone know this love.
Love myself. Love myself.
Love yourself. Love yourself.
Love everything. Love everything.

Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.
Take back your brain.

* BHP stands for Brain Education Healing Point, an acupressure meditation method that releases everything inside you that stands in the way of true, unconditional love.


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  • Debora Sampaio
    July 17, 2020 4:11 am

    Thank you for such a wonderful poem. Love is undefined but felt. Let’s spread more love through our actions. I have learned unconditional love by accepting people as they are: their idiosyncrasies, their bad habits and needs. Let’s understand people instead of judging them. Let us help them by loving them.

  • Love is a verb. It is action that is visible.


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