Climbing Bell Rock

Not long ago, I climbed up Bell Rock in Sedona for the first time in ten years. Bell Rock is famous for being one of the main vortexes in Sedona, but it’s also especially meaningful to me.

When I was first settling in Sedona, whenever I felt the tremendous weight of my vision and mission, I went up Bell Rock. I climbed it night and day, sometimes early in the morning or even late at night, in the moonlight. I found comfort in feeling the heart of heaven and the heart of the earth. Bell Rock was a friend, a vision partner, and a spiritual teacher to me.

So climbing up Bell Rock for the first time in so long brought back fond memories and filled me with excitement.

When Climbing Up Bell Rock

Bell Rock is a place where the soul of Mago, Mother Earth, and Sedona’s sacred spirit abide.

When you climb up Bell Rock, you must first set down all of your worldly desires and have a pure desire for earth peace and the evolution of the human consciousness.

Second, every time you take a step, you have to imagine that you are stepping on your aged mother’s body, and step with care and devotion. As you do so, you’ll feel a connection with Bell Rock’s body and energy.

When you climb Bell Rock with that kind of pureness and sincerity, you’ll feel Bell Rock opening its doors to you.

Bell Rock is a red rock mountain, but because it’s infused with powerful energy and a sacred spirit, it’s also like a living being. It has an energy system very much like a human body, so each spot has a special significance and its own unique energy.

I’d like to show you a path you can take to climb to the top of Bell Rock.

Start at Bell Rock’s Dahnjon

Not far from the entrance of Bell Rock, there’s a wide, flat area, and this is the dahnjon location for Bell Rock.

Just as the human body needs for the dahnjon, located in the lower belly, to be hot and full of energy in order to be healthy, Bell Rock’s dahnjon gives the impression of being very solid and stable.

I practiced Unki Joshik here, at the dahnjon location. (Unki Joshik involves circulating energy with deep, steady breathing.)

Going Up Bell Rock’s Immaek (Conception Meridian)

Here’s a picture of Bell Rock’s immaek (the energy channel that flows down the center of the front of the human body). This is the safest way to climb to the top of Bell Rock. It’s amazing that there’s a path here, as if it were carved into this bell-shaped rock mountain, that leads all the way to the top.

If you climb up along the immaek, it’s rather steep, but you get the feeling that you’re being protected by a certain energy, and that you’re safe in your mother’s arms. Along this path, you can find energy points that would match the corresponding points on a human body, such as the chest where the middle dahnjon is located, the Seung-eup point where the immaek ends, and the Injoong point where the dokmaek (the energy channel that flows up the center of the back of the human body, along the spine) begins.

Reaching the Top

I got through a few dangerous spots and finally reached the top. At the top of Bell Rock, I looked around while I let my sweat cool.

And I felt the heart of the earth and the heart of humanity. I felt Mago, Mother Earth’s sincere heart and pure, infinite love for humanity embracing my body and mind.

I felt the earth’s sacred soul and great love. Carried by LifeParticles, that mind flows out as movements of Unki Joshik and Unki Shimgong.

With every turn of my body and each movement of my fingertips, I tried to express the ecstasy of enlightenment and great love for all life.

When Unki Joshik and meditation grow deeper, it becomes prayer. I feel love toward all life and my yearning for peace on earth like a volcano, overflowing and filling all the spaces of Bell Rock and the earth.

At the top of Bell Rock for the first time in ten years, my soul, my heart and the life in my whole body sing and dance with burning passion. I have a dream that seems impossible because it can’t be seen through the eyes of the physical world. But with the eye of enlightenment, the third eye, a world of completion is clearly visible.

I want to go with all of humanity to that place where the LifeParticle Sun shines.

“Hongik Ingan Ehwa Segye, Isang Ingan Han Segye”

I envision a world of harmony formed by humans serving the greater good, a world of unity filled with such ideal human beings.

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  • Dear Seusengnim,
    Beautiful. Your journey up Bell Rock inspires me to climb it and experience the love of Mother Earth, Mago, and the love of all humanity. Thank you.

  • These pictures and words are SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you so much for letting the volcano of your love and passion overflow into all of us and all of humanity.

  • Thank You so much!!!

  • My Dearest Seuseungnim,
    Thank you so much! My heart is alive when I read your sharing, receive your and Bell Rock’s energy and read about the greatest dream of all and for all!!! Than you for sharing your precious vision with us and hope for humanity!!! Saranghamnida! 🙂

  • I will go the Bell Rock in June and I will try to find this path. Thank you so much, Seuseungnim!

  • I am so humbled by your description of your hike up Bell Rock. It makes me want to try it myself. Following your example and feeling Mother Mago as I walk! THANK YOU SO MUCH SEUSUNIM!!

  • Jungoui Hwang
    May 9, 2011 2:44 pm

    I haven’t been there, Bell Rock yet.
    In October, I am visiting Sedona for Chun-Myung Training.
    I really want to spend some time there,
    climbing Bell Rock and meditating there.
    Thank you for your guidance!

  • Suseungnim, hearing you say you climb Bell Rock when you feel the weight of your vision makes me realize how much stronger I need to become. I ask myself sometimes, “How does Suseungnim do it?”. I feel the weight of my part in this vision sometimes and am humbled to see how you kept going all these years without a moment of compromise. I keep hearing the words you once said “Before you pray for enlightenment, pray for courage”. I don’t think that I can really appreciate the courage, compassion, and will you demonstrate every day of your life. Thank you for helping me all these years. Thank you for all of your teaching and training. I will never quit. Suseungnim Sarahamnida.

  • I feel your sincere & genuine compassion toward the earth & humanity. Thank you so much!!

  • Thank you Seuseungnim, this is such a beautiful message. I will close my physical eye and open my spirtual eye and embrace with my whole being our Vision!

  • Ileana Gabriela
    May 10, 2011 1:38 pm

    We hear your call, Mago’s call and we’re coming. We need guidance, thank you for your guidance. 감사합니다

  • It would be such a privilege to meet you someday. Your courage and vision inspire me to open my heart wide enough to hold all of mankind. To bow with the gratitude that will awaken me, to walk firmly on this path of love. Thank you

  • Thank you for sharing this story and I am so stunned and amazed by picture number #4 😀 😀 :D. So much healing power 😀 😀 😀 Thank you… for everything!!!

  • I was at Bell Rock in January of this year and cried when I saw its carved face looking up to heaven. Thank you for this post. Your message guides me towards my vision, which I share with you, and which also seems impossible sometimes. But when I commune with Mago and am filled with Life Particles, I know that nothing is impossible, ALL is possible. Thank you for everything you have done for everybody!

  • Thank you so much for this inspiring gift. I feel your love and compassion so strongly that I am humbled deeply.
    Thank you for your unceasing love and hope for this world.
    Chun Ae

  • In mid April of this year, 5 of us from the Washington DC Region climbed Bell Bock after attending a 3 night Tao Mediation Tour at Mago Garden. It was challenging, to say the least, but it filled us with awe and wonder at the preciousness and magnificence of life. Four of our group then continued on to BMT training in Mesa with a new understanding of our purpose and responsibility as we live our lives.
    Your post brought to mind the pivotal role that Bell Rock had on your ultimate decision to acquire Mago Garden and I realized that life always presents us with opportunities, even though they may be more subtle than yours, that lead us one step closer to our greatness if we will only pay attention and have the courage to act on these inspiring moments.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. It is a blessing to follow your path for the past ten years. I have been on Bell Rock and conquered some fears and not a day passes withougt thinking of Sedona and the healling center.You have heald my second son in your arms in Sedona when my wife Nanci attended the Healier’s school in early 2000 and I have spent the most beautifull 10 days of my life with my first son Dalian.
    Now I must learn to make every day a perfect day as I learn to live as a single father and my vision is to bring my family back to Sedona in 2012 for a five day healing experience.God bless you and me to.

  • Thanks for sharing Ilchi Lee, how beautiful Bell Rock in Sedona is
    the first time i went there for healer school i felt so much conected with the energy. I did’nt want to leave , and every moment i think to return to that beautiful place.

  • Dear Ilchi Lee,
    Every morning when I practice meditation, I see you on top of Bell Rock. The image on my mind screen warms my dahnjon and brightens my mind. Thank you for this gift. It is so wonderful.

  • May Your Holy Third Wisdom Eye of Enlightenment Pierce Through the Dark Veil of Delusion of Conditional Human Consciousness so Humanity Can See the Mago Mother Earth Tears; May Our Hearts Be Synchronized with Your Holy Heart so We May Feel Her True Love and Pain; and May Our Souls Join with Your Soul Collectively to Fulfill the Wish of Universal Harmony, Peace, Love, and Hope Among Humanity with Deep Veneration toward Our Mago Mother Earth.

  • These photos are beautiful. I felt the power of the spirit. Very inspirational. Thank you.

  • I went to the top of Bell Rock two weeks ago. All three bodies aligned, and I could actualize my plans very quickly. Luckily I live in Sedona. When I face the obstacles, I will go to Bell Rock and connect to the Earth and the Heaven.


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