If You Want to Be More Loving, Connect with Nature Through Meditation

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What is the root cause of all humanity’s problems? I think they begin and end with the human brain. It’s the brain that creates the ideologies that keep us polarized and embroiled in disputes. It’s the brain that determines us versus them. Fortunately, all of the answers to our problems lie in the brain as well.

Human beings are unique among the world’s creatures because of our ability to choose. We are not limited to predetermined instincts and behaviors. Because of the capacity of our brains, we can choose to be selfish or selfless in every moment. But many times we get stuck in one frame of mind and find it difficult to see the ways we may be limiting our capacity to love, forgive, and give. It may also make it more difficult to choose loving words and actions.

To overcome these limitations, I suggest turning to nature. By connecting our awareness and energy to that of nature, we resonate with the unconditional acceptance and harmony that characterizes the Earth. We can then apply nature’s awareness and energy to all of our decisions and interactions.

By connecting our awareness and energy to that of nature, we resonate with the unconditional acceptance and harmony that characterizes the Earth and then can apply it to our decisions. Share on X

If you’d like to connect with nature, try this meditation for breathing with trees based on my book Mago’s Dream: Meeting with the Soul of the Earth. Everything on Earth is connected by breath. What we breathe in, others breathe out. This cycle is repeated endlessly, linking all life forms. We can feel a sense of life through our breath.

Close your eyes and imagine a tree in front of you. (It’s even better if you do this meditation outdoors among trees.) See it’s strong branches packed with healthy leaves and filled with vitality.

The oxygen that the tree pumps out comes into our bodies to help generate the energy that allows us to live. Conversely, the energy that we breathe out as carbon dioxide feeds the tree and helps maintain its life. Feel the air as it enters your body. Feel every particle, every molecule of the air as it flows through your nose, mouth, and into your lungs, being absorbed by every single cell in your body. Feel the refreshing and life-giving pleasure provided by the simple act of inhaling. Now exhale, letting your body relax, newly invigorated.

Continue to breathe, picturing the tree. Feel the tree’s energy transmitted through the air and communicated through breath.

This tree has its roots embedded deep within the earth. From the earth to the tree, from the tree to you, from you back to the tree, the cycle of life and energy can be sensed, not on an imaginary plane, but physically through your senses. Through this endless cycle of breathing, the Earth’s energy is transmitted to you, showing you that your life is not separate and isolated even for a moment. This interchange of energy is a fundamental function of life at all levels. Breathe with the tree, and you will feel the inescapable oneness that connects us to one another and to the Earth.

Ultimately, a tree is a tree, the Earth, and the universe. It is you, me, and all of humanity. When we fully realize this, we will treat each other and nature as we ourselves would like to be treated.

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