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I’ve been exploring the potential of information technology a lot lately. I am amazed at how this technology offers me new and easier ways to share the message and methods of Brain Education. However, I never forget to return to nature and connect with the life force that is imbued in all of creation—whether animate or inanimate.

If we get lost in the whirl of information that characterizes our modern life, it’s easy to forget its purpose—our purpose. It’s easy to get knocked off-center and lose our sense of self.

Going outside, walking down a tree-lined street, sitting amidst red rocks and taking in your surroundings are great ways to ground yourself in nature. But because the same energy that flows through the rocks and trees also flows through each of us, you can do it while sitting in front of your computer.

You can use the power of modern technology to enjoy the meditation below, and then use the power of your brain’s imagination to create a natural environment in your mind. By focusing inside, you can access nature’s energy and revitalize yourself.

Why not take a couple of minutes to try this simple meditation, which uses the element of water to clear from your heart and lungs any energy that is not flowing smoothly. Let others know how it makes you feel in the comments section.

Click player to listen to the meditation.

Narrated by Michael Munson
Recorded by Best Life Media
Ilchi Lee water meditation

Imagine water pours in
through the top of your head
and slowly comes down over your heart.
Breathe and focus on your heart,
the pounding organ of your heart.

With excessive emotion,
the heart weakens over time.
Let the sound of the water
penetrate deeply into your heart.

Breathe slowly.
And the heart slowly relaxes.
Now, water rushes through your lungs.
Inhale and fully expand your lungs.
Exhale and release.

When the lungs are weak,
they can carry sadness and sorrow.
Allow the sound of the water
to rush through the lungs.
Vibration through your lungs.

Lungs …
The lungs relax,
and the breathing becomes deeper, slower.

[Editor’s note: This meditation was excerpted from Ilchi Lee’s new meditation CD, Nature Heals.]
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  • While listening guided meditation I could imagine and feel so clearly callming down my heart and relaxing my whole chest. I could feel internal peace and coolnes in my chest. Sound of the water is so clear that I felt as I would be sitting by stream in a nature. I feel so good now 🙂 Thank You!

  • I love it! Guided meditation at its best! I’ve only listened to two tracks so far on my drive home and Michael SBN’s voice is very soothing, healing. I felt the reassurance of the hope when we become one with Mother Nature. I can almost… feel nature- the breeze, the sound of the water, the smell of earth, and being on top of the mountains, as I’m listening to the CD.
    Great gift to give your family and friends this holiday season or any occasion for that matter.

  • I feel amazing! I was surprised how short this meditation was and how quickly I could become deeply focused inside myself and become calm. I felt water energy creating vibration in my ribcage which felt very liberating. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • The solution is to gradually become free of societal rewards and learn how to substitute for them rewards that are under one’s own powers. This is not to say that we should abandon every goal endorsed by society; rather, it means that, in addition to or instead of the goals others use to bribe us with, we develop a set of our own.

  • I listened to the meditation while looking at the picture of the waterfall. At one point I could swear the water moved! It was vibrating along with my heart and lungs. It went inside my body. How refreshing. Thank you.

  • Wow, this was so refreshing – I could feel my heart and lungs becoming more open and relaxed. Thank you!


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