Use Vibration to Refresh Your Brain

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Vibration helps us remove deeply embedded information and emotion so we can begin to refresh our lives.

Are you tired of being triggered by the same events over and over? Do you have a sense that the way you view the world is holding you back? Do you wish to see who you are and what you want clearly?

Start by refreshing your brain.

Why would you want to refresh your brain? And why do I say “brain” instead of “mind”?

The mind is one aspect of the brain, but there’s so much more that the brain does. The mind’s in charge of the conscious aspects of our brain, especially our reasoning and logic. There’s a lot of unconscious aspects as well, such as the initial processing of all of our sensory input, regulation of automatic processes, and underlying emotional trauma. All of these aspects of our brain affect each other.

Some of those aspects may be working well for us and some may not be. Luckily, most of what’s in the brain is not fixed; we can change it. First we need to remove what we don’t need, and then we can add what we want. That includes not only the thoughts in our mind, but everything that affects them.

Clearing out unnecessary or undesired clutter in the brain is what I call Brain Refreshing. Just as we clean the outside of our body or detox our gut, we can clean our brain.

Do you wish to see who you are and what you want clearly? Start by refreshing your brain with vibration exercises. Share on X

Use Meditation

When we refresh our brain, we remove the information and emotions built-up by our past experiences and our ego until our brains move into a natural, authentic state. This is a state of love, joy, and clarity. We all already have the ability to manifest health, happiness, and peace latent in our brains.

This state can be achieved with breathing and meditation, but it’s hard to clear our brain only by sitting and watching our mind. In fact, we may find ourselves with even more thoughts and reactions. With practice, we can learn to accept our thoughts and emotions as they come up and let them go. Eventually, they will subside. We can move them through us faster, though, if we shake them out.

Vibration practices such as Brain Wave Vibration release the tension in our body, which allows us to meditate longer. This kind of moving meditation is easier for people who have trouble sitting still or who may have a lot of pain in their body.

The rhythmic movement also automatically slows down our brain waves. This lets our awareness drop below the thinking, logic, and executive parts of the brain to the subconscious parts, making us more aware of them. Shining the light of awareness on the subconscious areas of the brain helps to release whatever is there. When we become aware of something inside us, it starts to move and change.

Shaking and/or taping our body, besides quieting the mind, moves the subtle life energy in our body. Energy that was stuck begins to circulate and clear. The thoughts and emotions associated with this energy, even those embedded in our very cells, also release. As they move through us, we may see old, stored thoughts and emotions that we didn’t even realize were there but that were dislodged by the shaking of our body.

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Vibration Tips

There are no strict rules for doing vibration exercises like Brain Wave Vibration. In fact, that’s the key. Although we might start out by shaking our body deliberately, as our brain waves slow down and our awareness sinks into our subconscious, we may find ourselves moving automatically. Or at least we may allow our body to lead the movement instead of our mind.

You may want to start out gently until your body and mind relax a little. Then move vigorously to dig out the deeply embedded energy all over your body. After a while, in addition to the energy being generated by your muscles, you may feel a deeper, subtler vibration inside. This is the vibration of energy.

However you move, keep your awareness inside you. Feel the movement of your body and all of the sensations and thoughts it stirs up. Like when you do sitting meditation to clear your thoughts, let go of everything that comes up when you do moving meditation. Think of what you notice as scenery you pass by as you walk down a road.

The longer and more often that we do vibration exercises, the more we may have a sense of space inside. We may find ourselves being less reactive to our environment, because there’s fewer buttons inside to get pressed. Releasing the pains of life, the happiness of our natural selves gets expressed. All of this happens from refreshing our brain.

If you’d like to learn more about vibration exercise and Brain Refreshing, you can check out my book, The Power Brain: Five Steps to Upgrading Your Brain Operating System. You can also take classes with vibration exercise at Body & Brain Yoga & Tai Chi centers in the United States and around the world. Find a U.S. center near you at Newsletter signup banner

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