New Rules for a New Brain

Brain Operating System

Since my arrival in Sedona last week, many messages have been coming down to me from the universe early every morning, and they have provided a new explanation of what I have described as the Brain Operating System or BOS. The Brain Operating System is a way of comparing your brain to a computer. Its cells are the hardware, and its thoughts, ideas, and functions are the software. Your brain’s operating system is how you can consciously run your brain’s software. When you are aware of the laws of how the operating system works, the running of your whole brain and all of its functions, not just your thoughts, goes from unconscious to conscious.

Previously, I had talked about three laws of BOS. But now I am aware of five laws. They are:
1. Wake up and pay attention!
2. Good news makes a good brain.
3. Choose. If you choose it, it will happen.
4. Become the master of time and space.
5. Design all circumstances!

Everything starts with waking up and paying attention. Waking up and pulling yourself together means recovering your spirit and recovering the zero point—going back to your center, from which you can see everything clearly without bias and from which the life energy that flows through everything in the universe comes forth. From your center, you have a deep sense of truth and what you need to do to express that truth.

If you wake up and get it together and repeatedly tell your brain a lot of good news often, even if it’s something small, your brain will become a “good brain.” It will be clearer, more creative, more positive, and more productive. It’s all about practice. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and how many things you can do well. Surround yourself with information of other people being happy, healthy, successful, giving, and loving. The more good news like this that you give your brain, the more your life will reflect this positive reality.

From the zero point, with your brain working at its best, make your choices. If you make a choice with conviction and action, it’s only natural for your choice to manifest.

Take advantage of every moment to fulfill your choice. Make a plan and goal for each day, and don’t detour from your goal for even a second. Remember that you are a valuable human being whose essence is divine. Each bit of your life is precious. With this in mind, feel your life energy by keeping your awareness in the moment. One with your body, breath, and being, you will always have enough time.

People who have chosen are not shaken by the environment around them. They utilize all time and space, and they can change their environment and circumstances in a direction that helps them. It’s not hard to do. It works out if you keep at it. That’s when you will become a brain designer, a BOS designer who designs every circumstance and environment.

The first step to changing your circumstances is accepting what you have right now. Trust that where you are is the best environment. Don’t choose hardship and adversity by struggling against the difference between what is and what you want to be. Accept that your environment is the best environment, and start taking action for what you chose. As soon as you do, things will start to change.

If you start to use these laws to operate your BOS, you’ll soon see a difference in your life. Try it, and let me know how it goes.

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