Fighting the Battle of Habits

Ilchi-Lee_fighing-habits_20140916_newsletterWhat sort of battles are the fights of this world? They are not fights between good and evil. They are battles of ideas and habitual energy.

There are two conflicting tendencies in us. One is a struggle to protect our ideas and habitual energy and the other is a strong desire to grow and develop. These two fight continuously.

The battle is won by the power of choice. We can choose between our soul, our natural essence, or the voice of our ideas and habitual energy. Which will you choose?

If you want to choose your soul over your habits, you need to purify your negative thoughts and memories, and the selfish desires of your ego. However, you can’t stop at the thoughts, memories, and desires you’re aware of. You have to go deep into your subconscious, even to the karma lying at the very bottom of your consciousness. That’s where you’ll find the root of your habitual energy.

To purify down deep into your subconscious, feel your body and the energy flowing in and around it. Once you are doing this deeply enough, you start to move and vibration begins. As you move, if there are places in your body that feel uncomfortable, then focus on them and resolve the problems there by releasing the stagnant energy you’re holding in that area. If it’s difficult to concentrate on your body or feel its energy, start moving and vibrating your body first; it will be easier to concentrate and will get your energy moving.

When the energy is fully flowing in your body and your consciousness is fully immersed in energy, when you achieve complete unity with energy, that’s when purification of consciousness takes place. Only once your old ideas and habits become uprooted this way will you become clearer, and your soul will have freedom and joy.

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