3 Keys to Self-Confidence

Self-confident businesswomanIn the game of life, you can’t lose. It’s just a little hard sometimes. Trying to grow and achieve something in life is like giving birth. It hurts, but you can’t stop it and you can’t avoid it. You have to push through until you make it. And when you reach the end, you’ve created something amazing.

To make it to the finish line, you have to train yourself ceaselessly and keep your self-confidence going. If you lose confidence in yourself, you lose everything. Follow these three steps to find and hold on to self-confidence and manage yourself:

1. Manage your spirit.
Is your spirit alive?

2. Manage your time.
Are you using your time well?

3. Manage your body.
Is your body healthy and powerful?

Taking these three steps will make achieving your goals become a natural process. By managing your spirit, time, and body, the game becomes fun.

Ilchi Lee

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