For Natural Health, Go Solar

In today’s modern world, we depend a lot on systems and experts to manage our health. Handing our health over to someone else makes us forget that our body has its own natural healing mechanisms that are at work all of the time. They can be working well, or they can be suppressed by chronic stress.

When our natural healing mechanisms are working at their best, and we are truly healthy in body, mind, and spirit, we have what I call a Solar Body. Like the sun, a Solar Body is filled with pure, bright, freely flowing and everlasting energy. It naturally produces so much energy that we shine brightly with health, vitality, a sunny attitude, sparkling eyes, radiant skin, and a glowing spirit. A person with a Solar Body is confident in their ability to heal their body, and their life, by themselves through natural processes. Their body stays strong, their mind stays strong, and their spirit stays strong. With confidence in their body and their life, they develop confidence in their ability to help others make their bodies into Solar Bodies.

Ilchi Lee - vibration meditation
How do you develop a Solar Body? By heating up your temperature with simple exercises and the power of your mind. First, release stress from your body and train your mind to increase its ability to focus and expand its awareness every day. I suggest doing thirty minutes of physical, meditative exercises that release tension and fill your body with energy such as Plate Balancing Exercise, Brain Wave Vibration, and Toe Tapping. These repetitive, rhythmic exercises lull your busy mind into a meditative state in which it is clear and focused.

In this state of meditative awareness, you can sense your body’s temperature. The act of being mindful of your body’s temperature, and all of its sensations, is enough to regulate and balance your temperature. Within the narrow normal range of human body temperature, having it at the higher end of the range is actually more beneficial for your health—your natural healing mechanisms work at their best. Being aware of your body temperature raises it to that higher end and balances it so that your extremities and abdomen stay warm while your head stays cool, which is the ideal. A warm body that heals itself through the awareness of the mind is a Solar Body.

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