The Truth of Sage

white sage herbAre you familiar with an herb called sage? It has been used as a homeopathic remedy for health and healing for thousands of years. What you may not know, however, is that through sage, you can access a greater truth.

Sage is an herb that can clear your mind and warm your body by warming your energy—two prerequisites for cutting through your everyday mental chatter. We normally focus on our likes and dislikes, desires and goals, and all of the information that comes to us through our senses or generated in our own mind. This sea of information our mind is constantly floating in is filled with angels and demons. When we experience positive information and events, then we are being helped by angels, but when we’re immersed in negative information and events, we are in the hands of demons.

We give a lot of weight to our angels and demons. We supplicate ourselves to angels to get things we want, and we curse demons when we get things we don’t want. However, though we may get caught up in our angels and demons, they are not the real truth. They are no more important than the shows we watch on television or the imaginary visions in our mind. They are just ephemeral phenomena. If you pay too much attention to phenomena, without knowing Truth with a capital “T,” then you end up being a slave to those phenomena—to both angels and demons.

But you can choose not to be a slave. There is something greater than angels or demons: there is divine spirit. It is present in all life. In humans, it is connected to the brain stem. What I call divine spirit is the creative force of the universe. It doesn’t have likes or dislikes, desires or goals. It is simply Truth with the infinite potential to be expressed.
Ilchi Lee with fresh sage plant

As in all life, that Truth exists in sage. Observe sage—look at it, smell it, feel it, taste it, chew it, swallow it, and notice how you think, feel, and react as you do it. Through mindful interaction with sage, you can uncover the real nature of sage—the divine spirit. In the process of observing sage, then, you can see the true nature of your own being.You will find Truth.

If simply observing sage is not enough, then take it one step further. Hold fresh sage in your mouth as you do Solar Body energy exercises such as Plate Balancing Exercise, Toe Tapping, and Brain Wave Vibration. These exercises will amplify the effects of sage and vice versa. With your energy flowing and your mind and emotions at zero point, you’ll gain the perspective of an objective observer who looks carefully at themselves and all life and sees the Truth.

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