Ilchi Lee’s Latest Film, CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity, Now Available

By Kim Steffgen

On November 3, 2014, CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity became available for online viewing and downloading on all digital devices in’s Movie section.

The film, which is a sequel to last year’s CHANGE: The LifeParticle Effect, explores the idea that the potential for human greatness lies within the human brain. Executive Producer Ilchi Lee calls that greatness divinity, and suggests that everyone has the potential to be great if they know how to use that aspect of their brain.

CHANGE:The Brain and Divinity premiered successfully in Sedona, AZ on October 9, 2014, as well as in Seoul, South Korea on October 23, 2014. It has received hugely positive responses.
The film’s producer and director, E.J. Lim says, “It’s a great pleasure to release CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity on digital version to the world. It is an fantastic opportunity to deliver the message of this movie without any time limitations or physical restraints.”

CHANGE: The Brain and Divinity is available in both streaming format for rental for $3.99 and as a download for $9.99 on The DVD will be released in December 2014.

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