Keep Cutting the Grass

Ilchi Lee cutting grassAs I cut grass at the new meditation center we’re creating in New Zealand, I am reminded to clear out the fear, laziness, and weakness inside of me.

It’s only natural for emotions and your ego to arise at all times. If you don’t prune them immediately, however, the way you cut grass or dead branches, then like grass, they grow abundantly. If they become too overgrown, they can take over your consciousness to the point where you can’t handle them. In such a state, not only have you lost control of your emotions, but, like a jealous lover, you may lose control of your actions.

Cutting things away and cleaning things up must be done boldly and decisively, without missing the right timing.

Use the warmth of the sun or meditative exercise to raise your body temperature in one minute. Increase your temperature one degree Celsius and burn up your ego. Then keep generating heat by always taking action without delay.

Isn’t it simple? Do it now.

After you’ve tidied things up and thrown out what you don’t need, it will look clean inside you. Your goals will become clearer. And you’ll want to run toward them.

It’s not hard to do. When you raise your temperature and keep moving, before you know it, you’ll find that your inner environment has changed the way that you want. And your outer environment will have too.

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