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Ilchi Lee with middle school teacher

Our dreams can only be made together, so let’s treat each other with sincerity and kindness.

Throughout the work I’ve been doing, what’s always struck me as most important is people. It’s people who can care for each other and the earth, and it’s people whose hearts and minds can open and come together to change the trajectory of the future.

Humans are beings that not only have a profound effect on the physical world; they have an energetic system and a conscious awareness that can intentionally influence the energetic and spiritual worlds that underlie the physical.

Destined Connections

Everywhere I go, I make an effort to meet as many people as I can. And no matter whom I meet or where I meet them, I completely focus only on delivering the brightest, purest energy to them and helping them create their own health and happiness. I share my heart completely with each person and approach them with the most kindness and friendliness and the brightest smile that I can. I do this because I hope they can at least get a glimpse of the pure, bright self they have inside.

In the process, I feel that I’ve made many connections with people that seemed destined. Some of them are historical, such as the Body & Brain Yoga member from South Korea who moved to New Zealand and discovered a center there years later or the middle school teacher who started a Body & Brain Yoga club at his school, from which two students became Body & Brain instructors when they grew up. Others are with people doing their own work on a similar dream, such as don Miguel Ruiz or a Rinpoche running a spiritual retreat center in Spain.

Some of these connections have turned into people who share my dream and are working together with me to open hearts and minds and to teach people to use their bodies, consciousness, and energy to create their own dreams. These connections have expanded more and more into a golden web of energy that’s making the world brighter behind the scenes.

The more dedicated I am to my dream, the more of these connections I encounter. I find meeting people like this very rewarding, and it makes me happy. When I see those people I meet help others to be bright and happy, my heart becomes so full. Newsletter signup banner

No Connection Is Too Small

We never know how all the various people existing in this world will come to meet us and with what timing within the flow of the world. And we never know what a connection will create, either now or somewhere down the line. I believe that no destined relationship or special connection is accidental. There’s nothing that happens out of nowhere, that just comes without effort. I think such auspicious meetings are the result of long-cherished yearning and of choice and creation.

It’s all by these relationships that I was able to make it this far. Even if it was a very small connection, if I cherished it and kept sincerely cultivating it, it would lead me to another person, and so on. Every connection is simply a passing one if you look at it with indifference. However, for someone who has a dream and always focuses on that dream, all connections great and small change into gifts for achieving that dream.

Why did we come to this earth and meet each other? Having come to this star called earth in this solar system, with what meaning do we exist? If we know that, the meaning of our lives will be different, and if we know its value, the attitude, method, and goal of the lives we live will be different.

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Meet One New Person Every Day

What is your dream? If you have a dream, the people you meet are your lifeline for achieving it. Making an authentic, generous connection with everyone you meet—or at least smiling readily and sharing good vibes and kind words—will create a net of positivity around you that will eventually bring in the help you need. Our personal goals and a bigger dream for a better world can only be reached by helping one another.

So, whether it’s online or offline, I suggest making the choice to meet one new person a day. It can be someone that you haven’t been in touch with, it can be a new friend online, or you can help a random person you happen to encounter in passing. You can even simply say, “Hello!” Whoever it may be, deliver positive vibes to one new person. A new bright rhythm will come into your life if you start each morning with that kind of intention.

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