The First Rule of Your Brain Operating System: Wake Up and Pay Attention

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Wake up to who you really are and keep your attention focused on your dreams.

We are reborn and die every day. Not a single day is like the day before it. There is never an hour that is like the hour before it, either. We are riding the earth, traveling through the cosmos. We’re going into the future, heading toward a new world.

Those who would welcome each new time and space headed toward us can’t live with the thinking of the past. That newness will just pass us by unless we lay hold of it. It’s possible to lay hold of newness with an awakened consciousness.

Instead of living mired in past ideas or habits, we can wake up and pay attention. That’s the first law of our Brain Operating System (BOS). The Brain Operating System is a way of comparing the human brain to a computer. Brain cells are the hardware, and the brain’s thoughts, ideas, and functions are the software. The laws of the Brain Operating System tell us how we can consciously run our brain’s software.

The Brain Operating System always serves the interests, security, and joy of the being we perceive as “self.” It actualizes the “self.” So the BOS is very sensitive to information about the self and its values. I believe that one of the reasons there are so many broken families, people addicted to drugs, people committing suicide—cases of people not valuing themselves or others—is that many people’s sense of self remains focused on the ego. With such a focus, their consciousness becomes dark, and they lack the power to make positive choices.

I’ve found that another self lies beyond the ego—one that shines brightly. When our sense of self focuses on what I call the true self, then our consciousness also becomes bright. Our Brain Operating System can run optimally with the values and input of the true self.

In the moment we really wake up and pay attention, we understand that our ego is an illusion. We come to know our true selves. Then the door to a new world will open for us. Those who live with new minds and create newness every day are their own hope and the hope of these times. Newsletter signup banner

Pay Attention to What You’re Paying Attention To

Attention is our brain’s most expensive resource. It was the most recent of the brain’s features to evolve, and more energy is allocated to the prefrontal lobes—the areas in charge of attention and complex thinking—than to any other part of the brain. As one strategy for using this resource efficiently, the brain limits how long external stimuli remain in the prefrontal lobes. Nothing remains there for long unless we intentionally focus. By focusing, we can selectively control how long information remains in our short-term memory.

Energy flows to the objects toward which attention is directed. That energy turns into tangible consequences in the real world. The longer we can hold something in our short-term memory, the more energy that will go to it, and the more chance it will have of manifesting in our lives. Developing that ability and choosing what holds our attention, then, is important. Instead of being lost in fantasy or distracting thoughts, we can keep our sights on a goal that thrills and satisfies our true selves. Waking up and paying attention means being startled into awareness and realizing what we’re doing right now and where our thoughts are being directed.

Time is often measured in length, but what makes time truly significant is quality. Attention and focus are what increase the quality of time. “Wake up and pay attention” creates an incredible difference in the quality of the time we spend.

To What Should We Wake Up

1. Our true selves and our chosen purpose.

Waking up and pulling ourselves together means recovering our spirit and recovering the zero point—going back to our center, from which we can see everything clearly without bias and from which the life energy that flows through everything in the universe comes forth. From the center, we have a deep sense of truth and what we need to do to express it. That truth includes our own answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and “What should I live for?”

2. The wisdom of the cosmos.

The first time I woke up, I was enlightened to the essence of who we all are: cosmic energy and the cosmic consciousness. We are able to use cosmic energy the way we intend when our own consciousness aligns with cosmic consciousness. That happens when we become aware of our true selves and take action for what our true selves want. When the dream and vision of our true selves has been inputted into our BOS, then our brains act to turn that dream into a reality. And we become connected through cosmic energy with other brains who share that dream, and we exchange information with them.

All cells and organs in our bodies are connected to our brains. They report information to the brain and receive orders from it. For example, let’s say that I’m driving. If a red signal light comes on in front of me, the brain tells my right foot to step on the brake. Brains linked through cosmic energy are exactly the same. They are connected with the cosmic brain, i.e., cosmic consciousness, and receive messages from the cosmic brain. If we ask, “What should I do for my dream?” we will be shown a message consistent with our interests and roles.

The information we receive from cosmic consciousness is primal information. It’s natural—from the source. When our BOS pays more attention to our egos instead of our true selves—instead of the cosmic mind—we can’t access this primal information. You could also call connecting to our essence this way “listening to our conscience” and acting on it “building our character.”

3. Opportunities and connections that support our true selves and purpose.

When we see clearly from our center, opportunities that support our true selves and its dream become more visible. By waking up and paying attention, we can use everything around us and get cooperation and support from the people, places, and things in our environment.

4. The need to constantly grow and change.

Change is the nature of the cosmos, and if we’re not also changing, we become disconnected from our essence. Without change, we are not awake; we are asleep. But first, we need to be awake enough to realize that we are not changing and that we are going down a path that leads us away from our true selves.

Our BOS is most active when we’re unable to find answers in the information already stored in our brain, such as when we challenge ourselves to do something we don’t normally do. When we commit ourselves to a really difficult task and choose to grow, our BOS creates the answers we need.

5. The inner workings of our body, mind, and energy.

The true self we need to awaken to can only be discovered inside of us. We can keep part of our mind trained on it to maintain that connection. And keeping part of it trained on the sensations in our body further melds our body with our brain, letting the brain work to heal and maintain the body. Being aware of everything we have within us with a clear-eyed perspective lets our BOS fully manage our body and mind in alignment with our true selves and our dreams.

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All Five Laws of the Brain Operating System

Our awareness comes and goes, like a breath inhaled and exhaled, like waves on the ocean advancing and receding. We can observe our awareness coming and going. When we’re really sleepy and tired, there are times when we nod off without realizing it, even if we sit with our back straight. If we watch carefully, we can catch the moment our consciousness starts to go. Then we can wake ourselves up again.

It doesn’t take long for a lightbulb to turn on. It comes on in a flash. It doesn’t take time for the brain to wake up, either. The brain must wake up. It’s the first thing we need to do, but knowing this is not enough. A car doesn’t play its role as a car just because we own it, have a key, and know how to drive. Just because our brains have awakened doesn’t mean they will fully play their roles in our lives. We need to use our brains to act somehow, create something, and run something. When we run something, then we start to change. Having a great instrument is useless unless we play it, and our skill will continue to increase the more we play it.

That’s where the other four laws of the Brain Operating System come in. I will explain these laws and how to use them in future blog posts, but here is the full list:

  1. Wake up and pay attention.
  2. Good news makes a good brain.
  3. If you choose it, it will happen.
  4. Become the master of time and space.
  5. Design every environment and circumstance.

A New Evolution of Consciousness

There are too many people who are living without waking up and paying attention. Yet, I believe that awakening the conscience through the Brain Operating System and enhancing its information processing and creative abilities together are the shortcut to the evolution of human consciousness.

But each of us has to decide for ourselves. We have to choose to wake up and pay attention to the flow of cosmic energy and cosmic mind that reflects our true selves, for living without awakening is not living at all.

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