How to Speak from Our True Selves

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Awaken and feel your true self to express it freely and boldly.

In my last blog post, I described the benefits of speaking from our true selves—the combination of the energy of the soul in our hearts with the divine aspect in our brains. If our consciousness becomes and remains aware of these parts of ourselves inside, it can read them and speak what they say aloud.

But how can we build this connection between our consciousness, soul, and divinity? I suggest working from the bottom up.

Strengthening Our Core

In our lower abdomen, we have an energy center that acts as an anchor and a furnace. This furnace can burn away the energy of our thoughts and emotions (everything is energy), helping to make the energy inside us clear. The energy it burns serves as fuel for us to act quickly and decisively on what our true selves want to say and do. With a strong energetic core, we have the foundation to speak confidently as our true selves.

Exercise for strengthening the abdominal energy center

Connecting to Our Soul

Next, in our chest, we find the energy of our “soul,” what I call the pure energy that has no beginning or end that came into our bodies when we were born. This energy can be easily covered by stress and emotions, especially negative emotional energy. On the other hand, the energy of our soul has no emotion; it’s beyond emotion.

We can connect to our soul by feeling it—by letting our attention go to the very center of our chest and feeling the sensations there. If we don’t have experience in sensing our soul or if we have a lot of emotion, then all we may feel is emotion. We may also feel emptiness or numbness if we don’t usually give this part of ourselves any attention.

Overcoming emptiness or emotion involves similar techniques. It’s about clearing the energy while observing it in a detached way. We can use vibration to do this by tapping or shaking the area. The vibration of our physical bodies causes movement in the energy of our bodies. Instead of the heavy or dark energy of negative emotions, the vibration makes the energy light and bright. It’s like the difference between a stagnant pond and a flowing stream. Newsletter signup banner

We can also make vibration in our chests by using our voice. The sound, “Ah” in particular resonates with the energy in the chest and clears it. Combining vocalization with tapping and shaking causes an even more powerful effect.

These vibration exercises can be followed by Jigam exercise, which is an energy meditation in which we sense energy between our hands. The major energy point in the palms of our hands, called the Jangshim in Korean, connects directly with the energy center in our chest. If we do Jigam enough, we can feel the energy in our chest moving and clearing. We can also practice Jigam meditation by itself without doing vibration exercises first.

Learn how to do Jigam

In order to hear what the soul in our chest has to say, we can ask it questions—any questions we want. But if we haven’t felt our true self before, I recommend starting with the question, “Who am I?” If we keep repeating that question to ourselves while focusing on the center of our chests, we’ll become aware of some feeling or word or image. Accept your experience as it is, and you will be able to overcome any of the doubts and fears that tend to come up in this situation, and you will be giving love to your true self.

Awakening Our Divinity

Deep in our brain, a little bit below and behind the top of the brainstem, lies our pineal gland. This part of the brain is considered the physical location associated with our spiritual energy cente—our divinity. Our divinity is pure, original energy and consciousness untarnished by the thoughts, memories, and intellectual knowledge we’ve gathered in our lives. It is the same level or type of consciousness as cosmic consciousness, also called universal consciousness.

Without clearing this energy center as well, it can be hard to sense our soul’s energy, and we can easily get lost in illusion, missing the truth. To awaken this energy center, I teach pineal gland meditation, such as the one in my book Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation.

Try this Pineal Gland Meditation

Even if our divinity is awake and our soul is clear and bright, however, they may still be separate. The part that connects them is the throat (the fifth chakra). The energy of the soul needs to be clear and light enough to pass through an energetic filter in the throat in order to meet with the divine energy in the brain. This combination is the true self that is waiting for us to let it out into the world.

We can help this unification along by practicing gibberish meditation. In this technique, we speak words and sounds randomly, without trying to add sense or meaning. It’s a way to use our voice without letting our judgment oppress our ability to express ourselves. It’s a way to set our soul and divinity free.

Watch this video for an example of gibberish meditation or find a written description here.

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Does all of this sound complicated? It can seem complicated when we see so many steps written out in an article. But once we get a sense of our true selves, we can connect to it more quickly, easily, and simply. And speaking from our true selves becomes intuitive and automatic.

But it is a life practice. To me, however, living as my true self is the most rewarding and powerful way to live. I encourage all of us not to lose our sense of our true selves, even amid our busy lives and many challenges, for it’s the part of us that will carry us through them and make them worthwhile.

For a deep experience of your true self, you can participate in the Finding True Self workshop I designed. It’s offered by Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi centers around the world. Find a center in the United States here ►

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  • Thankyou 🌼I loved the gibberish with playful drawings. An immediate joyful laughter arose in me. I have always enjoyed doing gibberish from the first time I came upon it. Fun and satisfying too. And I joined in the singing. Again joyfully! I love that my singing voice grows more and more beautiful since I started with Body and Brain 💛


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