[Video] Walk Barefoot with Me for Longevity

Walking barefoot stimulates all of the acupressure points in the feet, especially the yongchun point (K1) at the center where ball of the foot meets the arch. This helps the energy flow in your whole body; it creates the Water Up, Fire Down flow we all need to be healthy. If you walk slowly while focusing on your soles and ankles, your ankles and knees become stronger and more limber. Mindful barefoot walking like this is a way to help your body and brain feel more awake and alive and lets you feel closer to nature.

In this video, I’m walking on the special path for barefoot walking around the Healing Garden of Sedona Mago Center. This path around the lake has small gravel that stimulates your feet without hurting them too much. It’s a beautiful time and place to refresh and reflect.

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