What Does It Mean to Speak Well?

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Speaking well means speaking from your true self.

There is a proverb in Korea that says: “You can pay a thousand dollar debt in words.” It means that if you speak well and impress the other person, you will be able to solve difficult tasks. But what does it mean to “speak well”?

Brown nosing, pandering, and manipulation may come to mind when you hear the words “speak well and impress someone.” But I choose to focus on the meaning, “speak from your heart.” Words have energy, and positive words have positive energy. The purest, most positive energy inside us lies in our true self: the connection of the energy of our soul in our hearts with the energy of our divinity in our brains. The nature of our true selves is love, compassion, hope, gratitude, forgiveness, and conscience.

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What if we spoke with this energy? When we speak, we spread energy. By spreading pure, positive energy, we reach out to the true selves in the people around us. We are speaking on the purest level, which creates interactions on this level—positive interactions that yield positive results that are good for everyone.

Words sometimes save people and sometimes kill people. Depending on what they hear, people are greatly hurt, or they receive great comfort and strength. You can make other people happy with words, and you can make them awaken.

Build Our Speaking Power

The more we spread the energy of our true selves with our words (and actions), the stronger that energy becomes inside us. The stronger that energy gets, the wider its influence on the world.

This is an important time. It’s a time in which what and how we speak has a greater impact than ever before. We can put our words on the Internet, and they can be seen and heard by people around the world. With the words from our true selves, we can awaken the true selves of people across the globe. That’s how powerful each of us is. Our words matter. They can be instruments of the evolution of our own consciousness while helping the consciousness of humanity to evolve.

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The first agreement in don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, is “be impeccable with your words.” We can do this by doing what global phenomenon Korean boy band BTS encourages their fans to do: “speak yourself.” What comes from our true selves is always impeccable; it comes from love and from the recognition that we are all one. It’s the greatest thing we can share. I hope we can all speak ourselves boldly and courageously, overcoming the fear of censure and the threat of being cancelled.

Speaking ourselves means letting our true selves be seen and by doing so, giving other people the permission to be seen as well. If people can see our true selves, that means our true selves are powerfully acting in the world. Because of the nature of our true selves, that means we are automatically loving ourselves and each other as well as healing ourselves and each other.

That is how powerful we all are.

In my next blog post, I’ll share ways we can connect our speech to our true selves.

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