Fall in Love with Yourself

Father and Son Dancing at HomeOver the course of our lives, we all have been wounded in our hearts, wounds that developed into scars. Those wounds and scars act like negative emotion generators, reacting to the situations we encounter in life with more wounds and hurt. Left alone, our scars drain the confidence we have in ourselves, from our body to our mind to our spirit. They keep us away from our bright spirit.

When we are not connected to our spirit, when our spirit does not shine from us like a radiant star, we often turn to other people for our happiness. We like someone, and when they like us back, when they recognize our worth, we are happy and feel valuable.

However, this happiness and sense of self-worth we get from other people are not our true value. This happiness is conditional and can be taken away because it’s not something we make for ourselves. True value and true happiness comes from our spirit and its unconditional expression. It comes from within us, and so cannot be taken away. It is our choice, but many people do not know how to realize their value and their happiness.

You can create your own happiness through rhythm. Rhythm is energy. It is the expression of the pure energy of life that animates us all. By feeling rhythm and moving with rhythm, we move our energy and release the stagnant energy inside us, even in the form of our thoughts and emotions. Stifled within our stagnant energy is our spirit. By moving with rhythm, we can set our spirit free.

Soul Stepping
Recently I began showing people a new way of moving with rhythm. In the past, I’ve taught Brain Wave Vibration and Dahnmu (energy dancing). This method is another form of those techniques, but instead of shaking your body or moving with the flow of energy, you step with the rhythm—like tap dancing. Step lightly so that the soles of your feet touch the ground with each beat of your favorite music. Keep your back and neck straight and your shoulders back so that energy can flow well in your body.

Except for this posture, however, don’t worry about your movements. Just relax as you step forward and back, and side to side, however you want. The important thing is to touch the ground with your soles to each beat of the rhythm. This makes your brain happy—it stimulates it and gives it a thrill. With this Soul Stepping method, you’ll feel the rhythm reverberate through your whole body.

You can step to the rhythm for as little as five minutes, or even for an hour or more. If you do it long enough, depending on how clear and strong your energy is when you begin, you can feel your small self fading away, and you can become aware of the vast nothingness that underlies everything. In that state of being, you can shed tears, and you experience this huge explosion in your body. Then you’re there inside of light. That light is what I’ve called the LifeParticle Sun&mash;your spirit. It’s the brilliantly shining self that exists in and of itself. It’s also called the soul.

One of my favorite songs nowadays, especially for Soul Stepping, is “Last Carnival” by Norihiro Tsuru from his album For Your Memories. In this video, he performs the music piece. Why don’t you follow along and try Soul Stepping for yourself?

How did you feel when you stepped to the rhythm? Did you feel happy? Did you have fun?

Through rhythm, you can create the ultimate emotion for yourself. What boyfriend or girlfriend can make you that happy? You don’t need to rely on other people; rhythm makes you independent. It liberates you, and it’s totally free.

Through rhythm, you can find trust and respect for yourself. When you do Soul Stepping, you don’t need to impress anyone except yourself. Then you discover the magnificence within. You see how awesome your body is, how beautiful. When you feel the rhythm, when you get lost in the rhythm, then you can fall in love with yourself.

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  • Rebecca Cheema
    January 18, 2014 8:12 am


  • cynthia bianco
    January 21, 2014 3:38 pm

    Thank you again Ilchi Lee for this most freeing experience of Soul Stepping. While moving with the rhythm I could feel my soul soaring!

  • Its beautiful feeling,

  • When I move to a song in rhythm, my heart opens, fills with joy that expands all round me. No matter how I felt before, I become happy & joyous.
    Thank you for sharing The Last Carnival.
    Seuseung nim, you take y soul to beautiful places.

  • Thank you I really enjoyed soul dancing. It’s been a while since I danced and it felt great and yes I smiled. I appreciate all that you do and I have been watching you program for about 5 years at least. Thanks


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