Don’t Be Afraid of Your Poop

melt your agony and delusionAgony and delusion are phenomena we make every day for no particular reason. If you look at it a certain way, they are our excrement—natural products that aren’t very pretty.

What I’m saying is, when you’re the one who took a dump, don’t be surprised by your own shit. You can think of it like: “Oh, I can shit this out again anytime I want.” It’s nothing special. If you recognize poop as poop with certainty, then it’s not scary.

It’s so obvious and natural for agony and delusion to arise. As long as we have life in us, we will always have those things. Don’t be afraid of that stuff or avoid it. All you need to do is know the original form of Life: light, sound, and vibration.

The original form of light, sound, and vibration is divine consciousness, or the original mind and source of energy—the LifeParticle Sun. Because the mind is originally bright like the sun, when you put go inside of the sun, all agony, delusion, selfish desire, and the like melt away. The LifeParticle Sun is the furnace that can melt away everything that’s gone wrong and make all religions become one and eradicate all of the karma in this world.

Just like your own excrement, you need to regularly clean out your agony, delusion, and selfish desires. If you don’t melt them away, you break and become destroyed. People get attached to the notions that they’ve made in their own way, and when those conceptions are shattered, they become so afraid and clingy. They become stiff and are broken upon the inevitable waves of change.

For example, you need a sword if you’re going to war. However, when the war is over, you don’t need a sword anymore; what you need is a hoe. In order to turn that sword into a hoe, you have to melt it. You have to become liquid metal in order to be able to change. Always be ready to become liquid metal at any time.

That’s why people who are enlightened go into the LifeParticle Sun to be melted of their own accord. That’s when you can determine your own direction. When you’re being melted by force, you don’t get to choose your direction. That’s why timing is important. If you wait too long to change, then you become a slave of change.


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