Connect with the LifeParticle Sun

Meet the LifeParticle Sun
The Source of all Life
Stay inside its bright light.

Your body becomes intensely warm and light,
And you feel blissful.
Your face becomes brighter and starts glowing with an inner radiance.
You feel an ecstasy and bliss,
The joy of becoming one with the universe.
Boundaries disappear.

It’s the joy of achieving oneness.
The ego disappears.
It’s the joy of selflessness—“mu-ah.”
It’s completeness.
It’s complete harmoniousness.

Burning passion to communicate
This joy, peace, and enlightenment to the world
Forms in your heart.
Your heart becomes full
With an unconditional, infinite love for the world.
It gets so full that you feel as if it might burst.

You surprise yourself
That you had such immense love
In your heart.
You find that this is how you’ve always been,
And it’s who you desperately
Wanted to be.

Discovering a new you—
This is enlightenment.
The awakening arises from your heart.


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