Village of Peace and Joy

My stay in New Zealand has inspired me in countless ways. As I walked through the tall forests of the North Island and led people in meditation here and spoke to them in the midst of breathtaking beauty unrivaled in the world, I discovered the final work I want to accomplish here on Earth.

I’ve spoken many times of creating an Earth Village, and I believe New Zealand is the place where it will finally come to fruition. This part of the world whose ecology developed in relative isolation is a place of openness and peace where hardly a human or animal attacks another. The native Maori culture has been preserved here and Maori participate in the local and national government. As you walk the land, the energy of Mother Earth is amazingly strong. The overall culture of New Zealand is already so close to that of the divine community I dream of that I believe it is the perfect place to plant the seeds of an Earth Village that can someday be replicated around the world.

The Earth Village I dream of will be a place where the arts are alive, where peace is alive, and where joy is alive. It’s a village where anyone can discover the divinity within them and leave with the dream and conviction to become hope and light for this dark world.

This village will contain a school where people can learn how to become real Earth Citizens with impeccable character, a strong connection to nature, and the will and knowledge to be stewards of the Earth.


I hope many people will join me in making this dream a reality—in forming a community that will begin in this one location, but that with a change in consciousness that will begin here, will spread throughout the globe. With flaming passion in my heart, I begin this work.

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