Where Does Creativity Come From?

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Creativity comes from an awakened brain and an awakened life.

The greatest joy a human can have is the joy of creation. Where does creativity come from? Newsletter signup banner

First, creativity comes from a free soul.
A free soul sees whatever happens as simply phenomena, without being attached to anything. Free souls can dispassionately watch themselves and the world without being mired in either for they know that everything is energy, coming and going, changing endlessly.

Second, creativity comes from ownership of life.
We depend on experts for many parts of our lives. We look to people who supposedly know better than us for our decisions about what we should eat, wear, and learn, and about what relationships we should have and with whom. As a result, it has gradually become more difficult to make even trivial decisions for ourselves. True creativity manifests when we declare that we are the master of our lives and decide for ourselves how we should live.

Third, creativity emerges from a purpose and a vision.
Creativity manifests when we know what we really want and have a definite, concrete vision for achieving it. How much creativity we can bring out depends on how big our vision is and how much it helps other people.

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So, when things aren’t working out, instead of worrying only about methods for solving it, we can empty our minds and reflect on our purpose.

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