The Greatest Joy: Life Itself

The joy of life is the joy that comes from the very fact that we exist.

Many of us go through our days forgetting that joy. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in other joys, worldly joys, when we forget the joy that comes from life itself. We pursue joys that come from goods and games, and joys that come through others and through worldly love.

Love is a good thing, but it’s also a seed of tears. Money is also good, but our unhappiness grows because of it. And we become more unhappy from prestige and power.

The greatest joy we experience as human beings is the joy we can taste by feeling life itself, in this moment, with our consciousness awake and alive. This joy lets us step beyond fear of death, uncertainty, strife, and pain. Feeling life in our body, in our breath, we can have a great, shining consciousness that is able to transcend those many attachments.

So try it, here and now, and feel the joy of life itself.

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