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Ilchi Lee - cleaning cloth

A common trap of spiritual aspirations is that they provide us grandiose visions of becoming higher beings of grace and authority. How many times have you envisioned a future version of yourself as a helper of this world, gleaming in the own light of your goodness? It is a very beautiful picture, correct?

But oftentimes in this type of picture you become the focal point, healing the world in dedication to your own benevolence. We focus so much on our own ascension that we forget what we are doing it for. We move our attention away from the people that we are helping, the earth that we are restoring, and place it on ourselves. You spend so much time grooming and cleansing yourself that the world around you remains dark. You aid others in service to your own ego. While this may produce menial results, in order to really make a difference, in order to completely transform the lives of the people in your presence and the earth that you walk upon: you must become a cleaning cloth.

Beautiful Service

To the outside world, a cleaning cloth is not grand. If you imagine it, a cleaning cloth that has actually cleaned something does not remain crisp, white, and untarnished. The beauty of a cleaning cloth is that it wipes away the tears of pain. It moves to wipe the dirt off of a child’s face. It removes all tarnish so that the object of its attention becomes much brighter than itself. Becoming a cleaning cloth is the most beautiful service to humanity and to the earth. A cleaning cloth may not have much status in this world of competition, where everything tries to out shine the last thing. But the value of a cleaning cloth is precisely that it leaves everything in its wake brilliant and dazzling!

A person that chooses to become a cleaning cloth is a person with a great soul. As you keep choosing, recommitting yourself every day to be a cleaning cloth, you cannot expect everything to change completely in a day or two. But if you keep it up, before the end of the year the people around you will be looking at you differently. More importantly, when you look around you will see that everything and everyone that you have touched shimmers with the brilliance of your love and attention. This is truly an overwhelming experience of joy. Even if your body gets a little tired, your mind will become as bright and radiant as all that you have cleaned and restored.

True Greatness

When you experience that kind of joy, with that kind of bright spirit, what do you think will happen to your body? Your body will also become bright and magnificent, expressing itself in the world at a higher vibration of radiance. People think that if the body is first treated well and uplifted and becomes brighter and higher, the mind will also change, but it doesn’t work that way.

The birth of a new world, the restoration of yourself, your community, and humanity aren’t going to happen if everybody is trying to become brighter and higher themselves first, or to be celebrated and lifted up, or rarer and more precious. Those are methods used by the world. They think if that happens, even the soul will become higher and brighter. That’s not true.

Don’t be afraid of becoming a cleaning cloth for your own health, happiness, and peace. For if you wash a cleaning cloth, it becomes clean. And because you are the one who made yourself a cleaning cloth, and have practiced cleaning time and again, you will also be able to make the cleaning cloth clean.

The stage to use your cleaning cloth isn’t limited. Leave your workplace brighter, your home, your family, everything and every person that you come into contact with. That’s exactly how to become a good person, and that’s a person who makes a better world.

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