Instead of Worrying, Do This

eye of the soul
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Many of us are not strangers to worry. It’s easy to be anxious about the future, even though worrying won’t stop us from getting old or heal us from any disease.

There’s something else you could do besides worrying though—something crucial. It’s discovering your soul. Once you find your soul, you’re able to realize that your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances are just passing things. Your soul, on the other hand, is steady and independent. It’s the awareness serving as the master of your life.

If you can feel your soul, your true self, then your thoughts, emotions, and actions can become independent of your environment. You can create these phenomena instead of being ruled by them, and thereby create your reality.

You can do this by attaining observer consciousness. This is the aspect of your mind that is able to look on without attachment or judgment, that accepts all, and that sees the big picture. It is only present in the moment and only clear when you are centered.

When you find yourself in difficult circumstances, try thinking of your situation as a scene you’re watching in a movie. The stage isn’t fixed. Time passes, and new scenes await. How will you create the next scene? Ask yourself this question and create.

Everything we experience is energy. Consciousness is energy, and phenomena are energy. We can change our experience by changing our energy. Being able to watch ourselves and change our energy is the meaning of choice. It’s true creation.

I invite you to ask yourself: Will I live worrying about what will come? Or am I confident I can feel my true self and choose the energy and the life I want to create?

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