A Song to My Soul

As I read the thoughts of Brain Education practitioners recently, I felt their souls and a song to the soul came to me. I would like to share this song with you. It’s a song you can sing to your own soul, to open your heart and feel your soul. Rather than trying to sing it beautifully, put all of your longing, angst, and passion into it.

Through opening your soul this way, you become true and pure. When you restore truth and purity, a white-hot beam of light goes through you from head to toe, filling your body with an explosion of light and brightening your body and mind.

Song to My Soul

Did I love myself?
Did I really love myself?
When did I lose myself—
this being that is me, this value that is me,
the meaning of my body and soul?
With endlessly arising conflict, dilemmas, being lost and wandering, health, happiness, misery,
endless competition, money, fame, power, possession, control,
death and birth, what is the meaning of life?
Through the tears streaming from my eyes
Through the tears streaming from my eyes
I see myself. I feel myself.
Now, I realize that I’ve met myself and I can love myself,
that my love grows and changes and becomes Hongik;
I finally realize that it becomes Hongik.
To the God of Oneness who created
me, my family, my parents, my ancestors, and all life,
I offer gratitude, love, and blessings.

Can you feel the trembling of your soul? The trembling of your soul will restore your compassion and conscience and awaken your sense of spirituality and divinity. Your soul holds the power of health, love, joy, and creation.

Your soul is always with you, but do you meet its light every day? Even if you lived only one day, imagine how that day could be if you lived it seeing the light of your soul. It would be the most glorious and blessed life.

Note: Hongik means to benefit widely.

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  • Goodness… So so profound and wonderful. I sang it out loud and felt it contains so much magic, comfort, expansion of healing within and without. Gratitude and love!!


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