Feel Your Beating Heart

How do you know that you are alive, how do you feel it? While some people may have already achieved perfect awareness, many others could be on auto-pilot without even realizing it, or too caught up in the daily hustle and bustle to remember to connect with that quiet preciousness of Life. Feeling your heart beating in your chest can remind you of the fact that you are Life itself.

Place your hand on the left side of your chest, and pay careful attention to what’s happening there. Try to notice your breathing become deeper and more comfortable, feel your chest moving gently as your lungs expand and contract, and listen to your heart beating inside your chest. Take a moment to marvel at how your heart has continued working tirelessly for so long to keep your life going, whether or not you were conscious of its effort.

Dare to wonder what keeps your heart beating, and recognize that Life is something far greater than your physical body. You do not own this Life, nor can you control it; it’s the eternal miracle, and it’s actually your true essence.

Every morning, listen to your heartbeat and feel your life and your spirit. That way, you can invite the creative power and constant connection that enable you to experience Awakened Living.

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