Not long ago, I picked up my brush and did some calligraphy for the first time in a while. One by one, each character comes to life in the quiet stillness as the brush glides around easily, as if it were dancing, the way water flows.

Every time I write calligraphy, I feel the joy of creation that goes beyond certain conventions. I’m not really writing calligraphy so much as expressing the Life inside of me with freedom, in every moment. After I’ve written it, when I look at the calligraphy, it almost doesn’t seem like I wrote it myself. If you asked me to write it again, I would never be able to recreate the calligraphy I just wrote.

Each character contains the time and space, and my soul, of the moment in which it was written. It also contains the sunny light coming in through the window at that moment, and the breeze that makes the branches of the pine tree shiver with joy.

As I look at the calligraphy, I think, we can only experience this present moment. Each moment is fleeting, and too precious to waste.

Dotong Gunja, “Awakened Master”
Let us no longer waste time realizing that the only thing of value that we can do in this world is to love.

Baek Chun Gwang Ja
May the power and blessing of LifeParticles, particles of the ever-brightest light, be with you always.

Bon Sung Gwang Myung
We seek Light because we have brightness within; thus, becoming brighter is inevitable destiny for all of us.

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  • When I read this, I had shivers up my spine. Words of truth are thus.

  • Yes, this is really cool… the essence of creativity embedded with beautiful messages! Thank you!

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee, I feel joyful inside when I view your caligraphy. The light inside grows brighter!

  • Beautiful! Thank You!

  • Cool! I love “Baek Chun Gwang Ja”

  • It inspires me to do some art myself! Thank you!

  • Beautiful…..
    Message of calligraphy is even more beautiful
    Thank you for sharing with us!!

  • Beautiful! Thank you Ilchi Lee!

  • I feel bright energy from your calligraphy! My mind is brighter. Thank you.

  • Jungoui Hwang
    May 22, 2011 7:27 pm

    “…we can only experience this present moment. Each moment is fleeting, and too precious to waste.”
    Whenever I realize this truly, I see myself focus more on the most important things in my life.
    Thank you for this beautiful art and powerful messages.

  • I am so touched and inspired by the flow of this calligraphy. The photos make it even more powerful. Thank you!

  • Thank you Ilchi Lee i will do that too to be in the precious moment.

  • These words fill me with Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing them. I am grateful to be a part of the healing energy. I am grateful to have Dahn Yoga in my life and I am blessed to be soon starting master training. Thank you, Teacher, for sharing your blessings and teaching us how to do the same.


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