The Sun Is Always Shining

I describe the light of enlightenment as the LifeParticle Sun. This is something that everyone has in their heart. There are times in life when you’re more aware of your LifeParticle Sun, but we’re living in a world that constantly generates fog or clouds that cover up the light we have within.

As bright as it is, you can’t see the sun if it’s covered up by clouds. But that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there.

Time passes, and clouds will change shape and disperse. But the sun is always there, shining.

Choosing hope means that even when the entire sky is blanketed by dark clouds, you have faith that the sun is shining behind them. Inside of that faith, you choose the sun.

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  • Thank you, I choose hope.

  • Dear Ilchi Lee, this message is so inspiring and uplifting, just like the sun peeking through a wall of clouds. I thank you so much for always giving hope to all people of the world. You are truly a great inspiration to us all.

  • Jungoui Hwang
    May 19, 2011 2:24 pm

    ‘The clouds’ can not take away my faith in the truth and hope because I know ‘the sun is always there, shining’.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • It is a stormy day and I find myself singing “somewhere over the rainbow” I am filled with Joy with a big smile on my face. The sun is within me. My dearest teacher, I always see your beautiful face in my heart, how can I not be happy?

  • It is a heavy rain day. And I see myself soaring up on top of the cloud. That is another beautiful world with bright light sun rays.
    Thank you.


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