Ilchi Lee’s 5 Ways to Buffer Yourself Against Negative Energy

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Keeping your energy strong, flowing, and bright let’s you thrive in any environment.

Have you found yourself in a toxic environment, or are you often surrounded by people who habitually bring everyone down? Maybe you have to work hard to stay positive in the face of negative media or of people around whom you feel less empowered or hopeful.

You may have heard of ways of protecting yourself against such tiring toxicity that makes everything about your life harder. I would sum up the ways that I’d recommend as: get bright.

Regardless of our environment, we have the ability to make our minds more positive and our emotions more cheerful. One of the most powerful ways involves changing our energy.

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Energy Rules

The qi/chi energy that flows throughout our bodies both affects and is affected by our bodies and minds. It’s the substance that connects them. When our energy becomes dark or stuck, our bodies and minds fall into dis-ease. If we think or say positive words and take beneficial actions, then our energy becomes brighter and lighter—the ideal energy we want. On the other hand, if we brighten our energy using practices such as Brain Education, qigong, yoga, energy healing, etc., then our outlook can change automatically and dramatically.

The energy around us, especially the energy of the people and places we pay attention to, also influences the energy inside us. Negative energy in our environment can darken our own energy. However, just as we can boost our immune system and keep our organs healthy to protect against illness, we can boost our energy system to make it more resilient.

We all have light, bright energy inside us and have the potential to have more. The lighter and brighter our own energy is, the less the energy of our environment affects us. In fact, the stronger the brightness inside us is, the more we affect our environment, for energy always resonates with the quality of the strongest energy around. So if we make our own energy strong and bright, we can automatically and intrinsically help make everyone around us bright and positive too! Newsletter signup banner

Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Build up your energetic core.
    About two inches below our navels in the center of our abdomen, we have an energy center associated with our physical energy. When this energy center is full, we feel more grounded and have more equanimity. We also have more power to take action and to experience our true selves and our spirit. We can keep our core energy full with exercises such as Dahnjon Tapping, Sleeping Tiger, Abdominal Breathing, and more.
  2. Stay focused on the center.
    Energy flows where your mind goes. Your thoughts will also follow where your mind’s eye is looking. Rather than putting your attention only on the negativity around you, keep your inner brightness in mind. Focus on the energetic core in your abdomen, on the true self in your heart, and on the truth that love and light are the foundation of everything, regardless of how it appears in the moment. Also keep in mind the ever-loving, grounding presence of the earth that can support us in any situation.
  3. Make an energy capsule.
    Imagine a capsule of golden light around you. The energy that fills it feeds you fresh, bright energy. At the same time, see negative, dark energy flow out through the top like smoke out of a chimney. Rather than being a tool for defense or protection, this capsule acts as a nurturing womb that recharges you. Making defensive shields comes from a consciousness of “us vs. them.” Instead, remembering the ultimate truth that we are all one is the most proactive defense against the contrasting darkness. Rather than fighting shadows, accept them while your inner eyes stay focused on the light.
  4. Purify your energy.
    Just as our bodies get dirty from normal daily living, so does our energy. Having energy clearing habits that you do every day, such as in the morning and/or evening, let’s us keep our energy clear and bright before it has a chance to build up and have a greater impact on our bodies and minds. Any favorite mind-body-energy practice (such as these) will work if you do them diligently.
  5. Have a dream.
    Knowing your “why” for getting up in the morning or for staying optimistic helps you keep choosing to be bright over and over again, especially in the face of obstacles that may otherwise drag you down. In addition to keeping your mind on your core, always remind yourself of the goals and dreams you’re striving to achieve.

Combined, these five strategies generate Water Up, Fire Down energy flow inside us, which is the healthiest overall flow we need. When our energy is flowing well, even if we encounter darker or more negative energy, it won’t sit inside us, affecting our bodies and minds. It will flow right through us and back out. By staying firm in our center and having continuous energy circulation, we’re prepared to handle any environment.

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