How and Why You Should Wake Up Your Senses

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Waking up and developing our inner sense of energy can help us keep our original mind and consciousness.

We were all born with minds, and we will end our lives with them. That original mind will never betray us, not in any moment. It will always be with us, no matter how hard things get. That’s why mind, consciousness, and the brain are important.

But many people live having lost their brains. The brain is the mind and spirit. They are one. But many brains have been hijacked by the ego, desires, and a false sense of self. Their original, pure minds are being held prisoner.

That’s why we need to take back our brains. We have to take back our minds and spirits. Only then can we be someone with spirit. Only then can we be healthier and more peaceful. For health, happiness, and peace come from our brains.

A process for taking back our brains from stress, disease, and victimization lies in the five steps of what I call Brain Education. Every month in the first half of this year, I’ll introduce a new step on the path to self-mastery through mastering our brains. Newsletter signup banner

Brain Education Step One: Brain Sensitizing

To take back our brains, we first need to bring them home to our body. Instead of letting our focus wander outward to our environment or letting our thoughts ruminate on our worries and negative ideas, we give our attention to the sensations of the body.

That’s why when we practice the first step of Brain Education, Brain Sensitizing, the key phrase is, “Feel your body.

We feel our movements, our heartbeats, our breaths, as well as our pain and tension. Moment by moment, rather than tuning our five senses to the outside world, we listen with our “inner ears” and see with our “inner eyes.” We become explorers of our inner realms, digging deeper and deeper for the treasure we were born with inside.

Through this practice, we also wake up and strengthen our sixth sense—our innate ability to feel our bodies’ life energy. The qi that flows through the meridian channels running along and through our bodies and that circles around in our seven chakras can all be felt in real time. We can always be aware of our own energy condition by developing our energy sense.

Through Brain Sensitizing practice, the connection between our bodies and minds grows and grows. It can become so strong that we can feel what’s going on inside us even while we’re going about our day.

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The First Step Toward Health

Having this strong connection—making friends with our bodies this way—inherently helps us relax and destress. It allows the rest, digest, and repair functions of our bodies to go to work.

It also gives us information. The fascinating world of our selves tells us what makes us feel good or bad. We can learn what strengthens or weakens us. This information can lead to making better habits of thought and action.

Brain Sensitizing practices also strengthen and facilitate our energy flow so that our bodies and minds work better. They give us the power to change. They reveal our original minds, and they help our spirits become brighter.

Key Brain Sensitizing Exercises

These exercises open energy channels (meridians), stretch and relax muscles and joints, deepen breathing, calm heartrate, slow down brain waves, and enhance energy sensitivity.

  1. Body Tapping
    Tapping anywhere on your body with loose fists, cupped palms, or fingertips. Can be performed in a specified sequence or focused on one area of the body, such as the chest or abdomen.
  2. Meridian Exercise
    Mindful stretching, rotation, and squeezing with coordinated breathing that opens the body’s meridian channels.
  3. Intestine Exercise/Belly Button Healing
    Massaging the lower abdomen by moving the abdominal muscle in and out or by pressing the navel or other parts of the abdomen with your fingers or a tool.
  4. Brain Wave Vibration
    Shaking and vibrating the body to discover your natural rhythm. Can target a specific area, such as the head and neck, or vibrate the entire body.
  5. Breathing
    Breathing exercises in various postures to promote energy accumulation and circulation. Includes chest breathing and abdominal breathing.
  6. Feeling Energy Meditation
    A meditation for sensing energy in and between the hands that helps quiet thoughts and emotions. Called Jigam in Korean, which means no thought.

Editor’s Note: You can take classes that bring you through the five steps of Brain Education at a local Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi center. Find one in the United States at

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