Ilchi Lee’s Recipe for Unconditional Love

Ilchi Lee with hwangchil plant

Love, the brightest light, the purest energy within.

Love heals.

Love, our true essence, is always waiting to be set free—free of our fears and sadness.

Only we can set ourselves free.

What sounds difficult is actually simple. All it takes is vibration.

Tap your body. Press into the painful points. Shake and stretch away your tension. And you’ll release yourself from your negative emotions and negative thinking.

Allow yourself to let them go. Forgive yourself for having them and for identifying with them.

Take in bright, happy sights and sounds. Put a smile on your face. Think of the dream you will create. You’ll integrate new energy into your body and brain.

Repeat and repeat until the love you feel inside yourself is undeniable and unshakable. Move your body with this feeling until it grows so big that it feels like it encompasses the entire earth and beyond. Gratitude and joy grow from it.

Keep your mind centered on this self and the dreams that make it bigger.

Meet people with the love you’ve met inside yourself, and it will be passed on. Help them make good vibrations so that they can feel the love that they are.

And support the earth with the power of your love.


*Editor’s Note: See examples of how loving yourself can heal you through the new film LOVE HEALS: Using the Ancient Wisdom of Energy to Journey Within, for which Ilchi Lee was the Executive Producer. The film is available online until January 30, 2022. Learn more at

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