Take Your Spiritual Vitamins to Renew Your Mind and Spirit

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Just as it’s important to make sure we have enough physical vitamins for our body, we need a regular dose of spiritual vitamins for our minds and spirit in order to be healthy and whole.

We all know how necessary vitamins are for our body. They are part of the building blocks our body uses to regenerate and make what it needs.

But if you think about it, just a few hundred years ago, people didn’t know vitamins existed. Because they didn’t know about them, they couldn’t use them or make sure they had enough of them.

Just as people didn’t know about vitamins for the body at one point, many people today don’t know about what I call “spiritual vitamins.” A spiritual vitamin imbues our mind and spirit with vitality. Our spirits change immediately when we take one. Making sure we have enough spiritual vitamins is as important as our spirits are to our lives.

What Are Spiritual Vitamins?

The LifeParticle Sun
A Sacred Geometric Representation of the LifeParticle Sun

LifeParticles from the LifeParticle Sun, what I call the Source of all life, can be used as spiritual vitamins. The LifeParticle Sun is the clear, bright consciousness that can illuminate people’s minds. It emits the purest, brightest energy unified with matter. LifeParticles are the building blocks of all we see and can’t see.

We don’t need a prescription or to go to a store to get LifeParticles. We don’t even need to pray for them. They are everywhere; they’re who we are. Even if we didn’t know about them, they have always been there. And once we realize they exist, we can use them for our spiritual and mental well-being.

The key is that LifeParticles can be moved with our minds. And they can move our minds. LifeParticles from the LifeParticle Sun can be used to open our inner eye, our third eye, which allows us to see and feel them using our sixth sense—our ability to sense energy. Therefore we can use them to straighten out our minds and align our spirit with the LifeParticle Sun.

So whenever we need more brightness, energy, and positivity, we can call in LifeParticles. These spiritual vitamins give us hope and strength, clarity and calm. Newsletter signup banner

How to Take Your Spiritual Vitamins

How often should we take our spiritual vitamins? Every day, just like our physical ones. With regular doses of spiritual vitamins, we can consistently renew and revive our spirit. Then we’ll have the energy and motivation to be in tune with our highest selves and with the harmony of nature.

All we need for taking spiritual vitamins is our imagination.

  1. You can visualize golden particles of light in your mind.
  2. See them come in through the very top of your head.
  3. They illuminate your entire brain, come down your neck, and fill up your whole body.
  4. Picture them going into cells and in between cells, clearing up imbalances and dysfunctions.
  5. They travel through your blood, your lymph vessels, and your energy channels.
  6. Everything gets renewed by the light of these LifeParticles.

If there is something you’re having trouble with, you can direct the LifeParticles to that part of your body or brain and imagine them helping that part. Or you could visualize sending them to a situation in your life. As you send them there, see that part of your life improving and being illuminated.

To help you focus on this meditation, you can calm your mind beforehand with some gentle stretching, Brain Wave Vibration, or abdominal breathing.

After taking your spiritual vitamins, you may feel more positive and hopeful, fortified against the darkness in your life. Click To Tweet

We All Need Spiritual Vitamins

I’m telling everyone about LifeParticles once again because I think the world needs to know about spiritual vitamins now more than ever. Knowing how to take our spiritual vitamins will awaken us to how great we truly are and embolden us to dream of better lives and a brighter world.

Learn more about LifeParticles and how to use them in your life from my book, LifeParticle Meditation: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation.

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