Brighten Your Spirit with This One Energy Principle

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Having a bright spirit inoculates us against the most serious viruses and diseases—fear, anxiety, greed, selfishness—diseases that could destroy life. Making our spirits bright can be as simple as making Water Up, Fire Down energy flow inside.

Since I’ve returned to Sedona, Arizona recently, I’ve been living a masked-up life that’s completely different from the relative freedom I had on the farm in New Zealand, where I spent last year. Although there’s a lot that’s uncomfortable about wearing a mask, on the other hand, it makes me feel the preciousness of the air and breath that I’d felt and breathed. Through this experience, I also heard the message of wisdom given by the COVID-19 situation.

This message told me to mask up against a different type of “virus” that’s just as invisible yet whose effects can be seen throughout society. It’s the virus of fear and anxiety, which makes us sick with selfish desires, boundless greed, and limiting preconceptions. Some symptoms of these diseases include hurting others for personal gain and abusing natural resources. They can become so serious that they lead to killing others, or ourselves. When this illness runs rampant, our society starts to be destroyed from the inside out.

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The mask we need against this existential virus is to brighten our spirit—the part of ourselves that transcends our small egoic selves. That spirit can be overrun by our fears and anxieties, or it can shine so brightly that those insecurities are overshadowed. Then they no longer dominate our thoughts, words, and actions.

Such a bright spirit is more than just a mask, however. It’s like a strong immune system that clears up any uprising of fear or anxiety before it can make us sick. People with such a healthy spirit naturally desire to take the time to listen to others with respect and communicate with love and compassion. They want to help others and live in peaceful coexistence with themselves, other beings, and the planet.

Start with Ourselves

As this pandemic has shown us, social systems and structures are not adequate to help us brighten our spirit. We can only strengthen our own immunity while acting as a model for others.

Doing this may seem complicated, but I like to make things simple. We just need to have “Water Up, Fire Down.”

To brighten our spirit, we need to have Water Up, Fire Down energy circulation in our body. Share on X

Water Up, Fire Down is a basic principle of energy flow in the body. When our bodies and brains are healthy, warm “fire” energy flows down the front of our body to the energy center in our abdomen and cool “water” energy flows up our back to the energy center in our brain. With Water Up, Fire Down, we keep a cool head and a fire in our belly so we can make clear decisions, stay calm in stressful situations, and have passion and action power. Maintaining this energy flow maintains our physical health, emotional balance, positive mentality, and creativity. But more than that, it brightens our spirit.

water up, fire down energy principle
[Illustration from Water Up Fire Down by Ilchi Lee]

How to Make Water Up, Fire Down

To have Water Up, Fire Down, keep the pathway of energy flow clear and strengthen the energy center in the lower abdomen, which acts as a furnace that powers the system. Just like all other aspects of our health, this energy circuit needs daily maintenance. Just as we wash the surface of our body, we clean out the emotional and mental debris that clogs up our energy circuit. Just as we feed our bodies regularly, we fill up our energy center with energy.

Also like with our physical health, we can take preventive measures to keep a Water Up, Fire Down energy state. Having positive rather than negative interactions with others—acting with understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness—keeps emotional wounds from blocking energy flow. They also open our hearts, the source of fire energy, which feeds the flow of energy. Doing work that excites us and brings us joy also opens our hearts and supports Water Up, Fire Down. Newsletter signup banner

Our physical condition also affects our energy flow. Having a good posture with the spine straight lets energy circulate more easily. Stretching open the chest and relaxing the shoulders also allows energy to pass through those areas. A soft, relaxed abdomen enables energy to pool there.

Most of the exercises I’ve shared throughout my 40-year career help you have Water Up, Fire Down. Video routines of some of them are available to watch when you sign up for my weekly newsletter.

If we keep refreshing our Water Up, Fire Down energy flow at least once a day, then we may find our spirit reviving and our hope for ourselves, for the future, and for humankind becoming bright.

To learn more about Water Up, Fire Down, you can check out my book, Water Up Fire Down: An Energy Principle for Creating Calmness, Clarity, and a Lifetime of Health and the related blog posts below.

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  • Angell Thomas
    March 4, 2021 12:11 pm

    I have been a student of M&B practice for only 4 months but what a difference in my energy level and way of life. I have become so passionate about the Water Up, Fire Down principle that every chance I get I am either talking about or gifting someone this book. This is just one of many Master Ilchi Lee’s books that I now have in my library. I was lucky to be a part of this book’s launch project and if I could leave multiple reviews I would. One review doesn’t do this book justice…


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