Hope Is a Fishhook for Catching Happiness

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A look at human history shows that there has never been a time free of difficulties. However, we become great and grow when we continue to create hope and overcome the trials and difficulties we face.

Why will your destiny be great if you choose and make your own hope? Because you created it yourself. I hope everyone awakens to the truth that we create our own happiness, that we design our own happiness.

Hope comes when we choose it. Hope is extremely proud, so it comes to us only if we invite it. It passes by us unless we choose it.

Hope is extremely proud, so it comes to us only if we invite it. It passes by us unless we choose it. Click To Tweet

Despair, though, is not like that. We don’t invite it, yet despair often comes to fill the place left empty by hope. Despair just comes in the instant we abandon hope.

Happiness doesn’t come unless we choose hope, and we can know that happiness and hope come together in this way. Regardless of our circumstances, we can choose hope.

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Occasionally, hope comes to us even though we don’t choose it. That hope doesn’t last long, however. Happiness obtained for free and without effort stays with us only a short while before moving on. When it leaves, it goes without a word. That is a principle of the world.

The way to create and keep hope is to live giving help and hope to ourselves and others. The principles of this world are simple. Giving hope brings hope; causing unhappiness brings unhappiness.

We keep our own happiness alive by creating our own hope. Hope is a fishhook for catching happiness.

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