Choose to Make the Impossible Possible

In 2020, we found ourselves in what seemed like an impossible environment. How could we possibly make plans, grow, develop, even thrive? Many of us, however, tried anyway. We chose to believe in our potential rather than only in current facts or past information.

For most of my life, this is how I’ve responded. If somebody said something was impossible, I countered it by asking why. I asked myself the questions: “Who decided something was possible, and who defined what was impossible?”

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Through this habit, I’ve come to realize that it’s essentially a “law” of our brain that everything we choose as being possible is possible. Nothing in the world is off-limits. Even if something seems impossible, if you say it’s possible, every situation changes to make it possible. In the same way, even if something is possible, if you say it’s impossible, every situation changes so that it becomes impossible.

This is the divine creative power of our brains. We all have it; it’s innate. It’s what I call “Tao power,” or what is also known as manifestation power or the Law of Attraction. It’s also what I call being bright. This power only works when our spirit is bright and our mind is positive and hopeful.

Just Choose It

It may seem difficult to make the impossible possible, but it’s not. We simply have to choose it. Just say that it’s possible. Practice accepting it as fact. Then take action for it without hesitation. When we accept unlimited potential unconditionally and just keep working toward our dream, we’ll see the solutions we need. Stay open to whatever insight and intuition comes without rejecting it, even if it seems irrational or improbable at first. Just receive it, accept it, and act on it.

It may seem difficult to make the impossible possible, but it’s not. We simply have to choose it. Just say that it's possible. Click To Tweet

What often prevents us from doing that is our ego. By definition, our ego confines what’s possible with information about our history and the current situation. It can’t tell us about what hasn’t occurred yet. It can’t expand our possibilities. But our imagination, intuition, and inspiration can. These functions of our brain let us have a sense of being bigger than our small selves, of being one with life, and of wisdom beyond our experience.

Use the Energy of Your Soul

On the other hand, the Tao power of our brain is strengthened by the energy of our soul in our heart. When our soul’s energy is strong, expansive, and bright, it connects with the divine aspect of our brain. Then our Tao power becomes even greater and our creativity soars.

While the energy of the soul improves with practices such as meditation and energy work, it also grows when we do things that benefit others as well as ourselves, or as we say in Korean, be Hongik. The energy we use to help others is the same energy that’s in our hearts. The more we use this energy, instead of running out, it grows. Newsletter signup banner

We can grow the energy of our soul and our Tao power every day, little by little. I suggest starting by doing just one good deed, once a day, every day. Deliver love and happiness daily. As you help others, you’ll come alive yourself. You’ll be loving yourself, healing yourself, and making yourself happy.

I hope that in 2021, your soul grows every day, and you develop the power of manifestation to create what you imagine. It’s your choice! I intend to do my best in the new year as well for the growth of the soul of humanity and the seemingly impossible dream of a happy, healthy, and peaceful planet.

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  • I’ve been a member of Body & Brain Tai Chi Yoga in Wayne, NJ for a few years now. And I have been reading your inspirational writings, books. I was mostly thankful, very greatful especially last year of April, during that time a got sick of Covid and after my husband died of it. I’ve been reading your inspirational writings and those are one of those that sustained me, give me strength to live, aliviate my worries and fears. Thank you Ilchi Lee. I’m very greatful and honored to be a member of one of your founded… Body & Brain ❤❤❤


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