What You Need to See Clearly

See clearly meditation

Ordinarily, when things happen, we make judgments based only on what we see. By seeing only the outwardly visible world, however, it’s impossible to completely understand the principles by which you, others, and the world work. In order to do so, you also need to see the principles operating beyond the scenes.

The principles of the invisible world are the actions of consciousness, the operations of energy. What we see with our eyes came about because consciousness and energy acted first.

To understand the principles of the unseen world, then, you must first understand what consciousness and energy are and how they operate. Focusing within and exploring your inner world is most important for understanding consciousness and energy. After focusing for a while on your invisible, internal world, you will feel it gradually brightening and your understanding growing.

This inner or “sixth sense” is commonly called the third eye, the spiritual eye, the mind’s eye, or the all-seeing eye. It’s the eye of wisdom opening, seeing through to previously invisible principles. It enables you to see things more broadly, deeply, and clearly than before.

You can open this eye through Pineal Gland Meditation. With Pineal Gland Meditation, you can explore and illuminate the world using energy as a tool that is felt throughout your body and mind.


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