1 Minute to Hope and Change

hope and self-development through exerciseGrowing up, I had ADHD and was not able to adapt to the school environment. During that time, I really slipped deep into my emotions. I hated my life and wasn’t satisfied with myself. I didn’t have confidence, I wasn’t motivated, and I had no hope. I felt despair and discouragement about the reality I was living in. I spent my elementary, middle school, and high school years like that, amid negative emotions and energy.

That’s when I agonized deeply over why I came to this world and why I was living. For a while, I couldn’t get past merely contemplating my life, so I didn’t find the answers I was looking for. After that, I took a closer look at myself. Nobody at school let me know what my value was. Through work and action, I searched for my value on my own. After I found my sense of self-worth, I came to have hope.

In order to actualize that hope, I began to develop myself in many ways; I turned over a new leaf in my life. I discovered that by challenging myself constantly, I could create a life of joy and happiness.

If you have hope, and you have made the choice to develop yourself, that in itself means you’re ready for change. Without hope, you cannot develop yourself. People who have hope and develop themselves can change any situation. However, people who blame everything about their circumstances on the environment and other people cannot change their own energy, nor can they change their environment, their life, or their destiny. Choosing hope is the first step.

Do you have hope? If you do not have hope, you are in a very serious condition. It means you’re floundering deep in your emotions. If you’re stuck in emotion, especially negative emotions or information, you cannot use all of your energy. Negative emotions and energy suck away your vitality. They infest your spirit like flies or cockroaches. If you stay filled with negative information and emotion for a prolonged period of time, your health will deteriorate, and you won’t be happy.

In this energetic condition, how can you choose hope and begin your personal development?

It’s hard to change your emotions with emotions; instead, start with your body. Change your body first, which changes your energy, which then changes your spirit; that’s the right order. Training and building muscle is the beginning of self-development. Muscles form if you just invest the effort. As you develop your muscle strength, you gain self-assurance, and through that, your energy changes.

Training your body to change your energy does not need to involve long, hard workouts. You just need to exercise for 1-minute periodically throughout the day. There are many exercises you can do for a 1-minute workout. For example, you can walk energetically for one minute and squeeze your toes, lift your body energetically, and throw your shoulders back to open your chest. Your energy will totally change. Or try doing pushups against a wall. A minute is all it takes to change your energy. That in itself is the beginning of change, and it’s a time when you become one with yourself.

Therefore, in order to develop yourself successfully, first check the condition of your energy. If your energy is in a condition where you’re stuck in your emotions, make yourself emotion-free by practicing 1-minute exercise (and/or Magnetic Meditation). Once you’re in an emotion-free state, you can control yourself and adapt well to your environment. After you’ve adapted to your environment, you can live a creative life through self-development. You have the potential to be an exemplary individual. Even I, who could not even adapt to school, was able to develop myself into the president of a university who designed the academic discipline of Brain Education. I hope all people can achieve infinite progress and growth through self-development.

The opportunity is here, now. It all starts with just 1 minute.


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