Let Go to Let Your Mind Return to the Origin

Within everything there is an fundamental essence in which is found Truth. In our busy lives, it’s difficult to sense the essence and see the Truth. We need to put down everything we carry and be still, and then our consciousness will naturally sense this essence. I call this returning to the origin. Our mind takes on the awareness of Oneness, of original creation, and we download Truth. That’s when we have an “Aha!” moment. When we master this, our lives become a continuous “Aha!” moment—what people call living in the flow.

In the meditation tours I’ve organized in New Zealand, we are guiding people back to their origin with the help of the energy of nature—the plants, water, air, and sunlight. Returning to the origin is not complicated, nor does it require a lot of effort. It can be as simple as trusting yourself, letting go of your fear, and swinging over a gushing river.

woman on a swing over a stream

Trust and letting go begins with relaxation. Simply relax your body. At the same time you relax your mind. In relaxation, you can put down everything, including your knowledge. Melt everything down in front of the big Truth. Then you can receive. Take in Truth from the energy of sunlight, water, and air. When you meet with the truth of air, water, and sunlight, you will know the true essence.

Truth then becomes our guidance—our conscience. When their mind is at the origin, many people realize how much they are a part of nature. They feel the interconnectedness between people, the earth, and all other creatures. Knowing they cannot be deeply happy unless all are happy, and they form a desire to benefit others, or to be Hongik as we say in Korean. From rediscovering the origin and downloading truth, we become people of good character.

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