How to Be Worry-Free

peaceful sky in the brainWe all have worries. Worry is a natural function of the human brain, which can remember the past and look to the future to find many things to worry about. Worry comes from our instinct to survive. But too much worry brings suffering without solutions.

We can’t go back to the past and change it, and no one really knows what will happen even one minute into the future. The only time frame we really exist in is the present. By habitually worrying over things for which worrying does no good, we are not managing our brains well. 

When we have too much worry, it takes over our brains, but a happy and healthy life can only come from hope and confidence in humanity’s inherent creative power. We have that power because we are a part of nature and come from the same creative Source. In order to tap into our creative potential, we need to cleanse our brains of worry about the past and the future.

How can we manage our brains?

Techniques for managing the brain are even more crucial in these times, when we’re flooded with countless forms of information that give us more things to worry about. While society teaches us how to use computers, however, it doesn’t teach us how to manage our brains.

In order to manage our brains well, giving it good food and sleep is not enough. We have to be able to sense the state of our brains. Are our brains emotional or calm? Are they open or closed? Are they existing in a far off place or time or present in the here and now. In order to manage our brains well, we need to put them in a pure, zeroed state—the brain’s original state, which is free from emotion.

Returning to a zeroed state is like zeroing a scale before weighing something. We cannot get an accurate reading of ourselves or our environment if our inner scales are set to five instead of zero. If the needle on our scales has moved away from zero, it means we’re mired in some emotional state. We could become stuck there, so we need techniques that allow us to come out of those emotions and go back to zero whenever we want.

How can we get to a zeroed state?

This is crucial. For that, we need meditation.

But we can’t easily recover a zeroed state just because we try to meditate. When we sit down to meditate, there are times when all kinds of thoughts come to mind. If we sit for thirty minutes in such a state, although it looks as if we’re meditating on the outside, we’re not actually meditating. If we’ve really attained a meditative state, we won’t even recognize that we’re meditating. True meditation means being free from obsessive thoughts and emotions. In such a state, we can commune with ourselves, with the people around us, and with nature.

Belly Button Healing is a great way to overcome the thoughts and emotions that keep us from a meditative state, a zeroed state. During Belly Button Healing, we gently press the belly button over our clothing and find our pain points. This naturally helps us focus on the feelings in our bodies, which exist in the present.

Then, our consciousness, which once wandered around outside obsessed with worries and thoughts, comes back into our bodies. When that happens, our useless worries and thoughts disappear, and we naturally achieve a meditative state without intentionally trying. From this state, we can operate our brains well. The secret is in the belly button.

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